Thank You for Our First Year!


11 thoughts on “Thank You for Our First Year!

  1. To Andrew and the community,
    Sorry your most recent comment was removed. One thing that will not be tolerated on the blog is personal “name calling/ bullying” language. Remember it is ok to disagree with your neighbor but please try to remember that despite our differences we are a community. Thanks WVWD

  2. Hey andrew,
    Thanks for your posts…if you have an idea for another type of forum we can post it on here, make a special page for it like an op-ed. That being said just because people aren’t writing doesn’t mean they are not reading. Truly we get an average of 100 to 150 hits a day and yes personal information will not be made public. We brought this topic up for discussion on the main page. We know that some of the board members are viewing the pages as well as the management. We welcome everyones input. Yes, there is some “fear” and apathy out there and we at least tried to make a place where voices can be heard and issues can be discussed as well as a place to sell your old kitchen sink. We are not the makers of change but just a cog in the wheel. WVWD is just a tool for the community. How one uses this tool is up to them.

    • Hey Andrew,
      Not to sound too critical and we don’t want to discourage anyone here but, the comments you leave seem to go on a bit too long and perhaps the reader gets lost in the message. So just some word of advice. I think it might help for people to engage in conversation if you try to keep your comments brief and to the point. Okay? Thanks

  3. I would love to express my frustration at the actions that are being instrumented by our board, that may I add, WE, elected as representers of us the shareholders of this co-operative. First off, I feel the need to remind everyone that …the genesis for WVH was for middle class families, to live, in a rent affordable housing community. Why do you think the politicians and the tenant assoc. was successful at instrumenting this co-operative conversion in the first place ? So, now we’re being sub-metered. I appreciate Mark’s nobel quest for the justification of how the first “shadow bill” is an obscured version of the bills that are yet to come, because this particular billiing period is a very high double usage month ….that my friends is a very false representations, electricity is the highest cost energy source for consumers …period ….it’s outrageous, to think that some of the shareholders that, legitimately secured a home here, can afford this very huge monthly cost thats coming down the pike. Unfortunately, for us, we’re stuck with this change, but mark my words, this is going to come back to bite us in the you know what…..
    Now lets talk about the structural changes that are being instrumented without the knowledge of most, if not all of us…..I’d love all the shareholders to go to Charles lane, walk down the block, and look at the back of the building opposite the office, A window, was put in!!!!!!!!
    At whose authority did this happen ? Whose money was used to put a window in , where there was no window to begin with , it’s outrageous!!!!! …That is not re-modeling, thats a structual change to the building !!!!!! Well I’d like to have bigger nicer windows in my place installed !!!!! I wonder what my chances are ? I have been complacent , but no more ! I want to know exactly what the board is THINKING about changing, BEFORE, the change is implimented ! …..

    • If memory serves, shareholders who have a windowless wall which is not on a lot line, have the right to put in a window. That may be the situation of the apt. which has a new west window which can be seen from Charles Lane. Several of us who have bedrooms with no windows were assured we would be able to install west windows (at our expense); however we’re on the lot line of the Witkoff construction and they are trying to build a 17 story wall up against our west wall so we can’t get a window. It’s true that the board can veto a decision; based on what, I don’t know. Sometimes, it seems nonsensical to the applicant and to those of us who hear about it. Again, I may be wrong, but I think it’s something that the DOB has to approve as well as the board the WVH architect. I believe you can write the board and ask about installing additional windows. Larger is something different. Probably has to do with symmetry from outside or placement in regard to structural supports.

  4. hi all – did anyone out there like mark’s idea of having a vendors’ fair? as we go forward and need to replace our appliances and heaters – and hot water heaters – wouldn’t it be good to know what would be the most energy efficient? does anyone know if we can get storm windows for the existing windows?

  5. Well who are you westvillagewatchdog? and Infuriated? Maybe westvillagewatchdog is a board member? Are you even a resident? What about transparency? Use your real names for legitimacy.
    Frank Ferrucci

    • Hey Frank,
      No I’m not a board member. We just put up this website for a better way to have everyone communicate. Communication is tough to do when we are so spread out all over the west village and lead such busy hectic lives. It is so difficult for us as neighbors to fill each other in and to say what is really going in just a few hours at a board meeting. Too many topics and too little time. It has made us a feel neglected and unwelcome if not treaded upon. So I started a blog. I wanted a place where hopefully the board and tenants can meet on common ground and perhaps get a chance to bring up topics or ask questions for whatever reason they can’t possibly do at board meetings. There is alot of mis-information or complete omission of information out there that leaves us all in the dark. My hope is this website/blog grows. It is truly for anyone and everyone to share what they know. Feel free to express an opinion or expose any wrong doing/corruption or over-reach by the board, tenants and or management. We want it to be a safe place to ask questions, give suggestions or constructive criticism and hopefully get real answers. If you or anyone would like to contribute stories or information please feel free to let me know. We’ll sign you up as an author or contributor. The more educated we are as a community the better we will be. Thanks

  6. Hello fellow concerned shareholder and tenants

    I have expressed my opinion about the fact that we are being taken for a ride here many times. LIn Spring of 2009 I posed a question for the Board at the April 2009 energy shareholder meeting regarding the split of the common area electricity bill, i. e., not by shares but by apartment numbers. I got no answer from Bordonaro/Hallenbeck. The common electricity usage bill would be about 20% of the total energy bill of the complex or roughly $200,000.- For me in a 4 -bedroom it would mean a bill of about $1000 per year if split up by the number-of-shares-key, whereas, if it were split up by a number-of-apartments key, it would be (200K divided by 400 apartments – $500 per year). Calculate this saving 50 years into the future with aggregate interest than you know why this is no small fish to fry for this lower middle income family and our children as the heirs of our apartment. I do not see why the larger apartments should have to subsidize the smaller apartments by paying twice as much for common electricity where the large apts. do not use more than a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment. This view was shared by neighbor Karin Stout, PhD. who lives in a 1-bedroom apartment, and who would have all the interest in having it be split up by shares amount, but she admitted that it is fair that some things ought to be split up by apartment numbers. I am inviting comments, but please be civil.

  7. This is just the last misdeed in a long list of decisions that have, at every turn, disadvantaged WVH co-op owners; it is indeed, difficult to determine whether it is wild incompetence or willful malfeasance — and what the “board” might be gaining from their decisions, or refusal to represent us.

    Where was the oversight here? Where was the opportunity for cooperators to weigh in?

    And how is it possible for someone who lives alone, is out all day, only heats two rooms in the apartment, rarely uses a dishwasher, is assiduous about turning off lights and appliances, etc. to have an electric bill close to $700?

    I was advised by someone who will go unnamed in the WVH office that I “will have to change my lifestyle!”

    It’s time to bring out the big guns. I, for one, will fight this surreptitious increase in our maintenance.


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