wvhhdfc.com? Is it working?

We found a link! (off to the right under Blogroll) for the “official“-West Village Housing Development Fund Corporation.

In the past some of us had trouble signing in at all. If anyone has any success logging in and knows if it is active or has current information please let us know. Thanks.


8 thoughts on “wvhhdfc.com? Is it working?

  1. Rob Coker ( Rob.Coker@ellimanpm.com ) was fired today. Now IT Department doesn’t have IT professionals — 3 persons left on last 6 month, only a couple people on support there. I’m working in DEPM a few years and guess the company in trouble.

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  3. I have gained access to the site after many tries and I find it lacking important information. The Board member list is out of date and has not been updated since the June 2009 election (hint to Jim and Mark) and the Calender is also not updated or not inclusive. I could not find the Energy Committee meeting date of Mar 23rd on this calender. Shouldn’t it list these things that concern the residents if this is an info site for the residents?

  4. Both my partner and I filled out the form and submitted it. She received an email the next day from a Aljona Necaj, Database Administrator & IT Support for Douglas Elliman Property Management (Aljona.Necaj@ellimanpm.com) saying she was now set up to log in to the website. She tried to log in and couldn’t get in. I have yet to hear back regarding my login request even though I submitted it the same day. I emailed this Aljona directly on Friday and waiting to hear back.


    Tatiana Carayannis

    • Yes. I had same problem with Aljona. She replied to my request a few weeks later after my request. It looks like those people there are just sitting and didn’t do theirs job!

  5. I have had the exact same problem with the website. It will not recognize me. I have called the office about it. Alas, still no access
    for this shareholder.

  6. I have attempted to log in/onto the West Village Houses Housing Development Fund Corporation, twice. I am unsuccessful I believe because I am a renter and the account number on my monthly statement does not fit the parameters of the field for account number.
    I am not sure who WVHHDFC considers our representative to be. I do know particular renters have been banned from WVHHDFC shareholder meetings.

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