WVH Tenants-Could you be forced to sell?

Hello All, 

First our “shadow electrical billing” is too expensive! Much more than 20% of our maintenance. This poses the question. What’s next?  Over the next 8 to 9 years are the WVH tenants slowly being forced to sell our apartments back below market rates? It could stand to reason that the costs of living in WVH could become too expensive for a great number of the tenants. Will the apartments be assessed and be forced to upgrade their insulation(if any), windows, heating units etc.? If so, will that be at the tenants expense? The increasing higher cost of living could force some of our neighbors to sell their apartments and be forced to move or worse be evicted.

Come late spring, instead of being billed through a provider like Con Ed directly, the “electrical charge” will be a line item on our maintenence. If the cost doesn’t go down or the maintenance does not get reduced to offset the new electrical cost per tenant, then is it reasonable to think that some tenants could be forced to sell because they cannot afford their over all maintenance? In the proprietary lease if you cannot pay your maintenance “you are outta here”.

Are we being picked off one by one because we might not be able to afford to live here? What are your thoughts? Let us know. Thanks


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