Insulation!!! Drafty Windows And Noise!!

NOISE! DRAFTY WINDOWS! and NO INSULATION BETWEEN FLOORS! These seem to be the complaints we all share here at WVH! With a reserve of almost $13 million dollars, would it not be wise to invest in some type of insulation to help reduce the “noise” and save on the heating and cooling our homes? In the House Committee minutes Katy suggested,” a simple fix for decreasing drafts is small pieces of plastic which are placed along the windows.” Interesting idea but perhaps we should look into more permanent improvments. No offense to the elevator committee,  nor those looking to decorate the interior hallways and exterior of the building but, if these issues of “quiet enjoyment in our homes” and making essential repairs and improvments to the buildings are not addressed then our investment in our homes decreases in value. Fix up the living conditions, insulate, and reduce the noise,  and it is a win win!! So let’s take a new poll!


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