Bank Street Trees (site 6) in Peril of Being Cut Down

The Garden Committee has been tasked by Management  and the House Committee with revisiting the fate of the three large shade trees in the garden in site 6 (two of them are 60ft Elms).  Some of you will recall that a couple of years ago Management efforts to cut down all three trees to avoid falling branches were met with stiff community resistance, as the trees provide shade, privacy, and value for Bank St and 11th St apartments, as well as serve as a habitat for a variety of birds.  Site 6 residents had also expressed concern that the process of cutting down the 60ft trees might cause more damage to adjacent buildings than the occasional falling branch. Residents at that time asked that a second, independent arborist be consulted, who suggested instead a regular pruning schedule to help preserve the otherwise healthy trees and to mitigate the threat of falling branches.  That stay of execution for the three large trees seems to be in question yet again, and will be discussed at tonight’s Garden Committee meeting (Thursday, May 13, Management office, 6pm).


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