Information 4 You WVH Meeting:

 On  Tuesday May 11th,  a new committee debuted at West Village Housing. Called “4 For Responsible Change”. The meeting was hosted by Jim Jacobson along with June Polichetti, Bill Dienstag, Michael Markowitz, Susan Parker, Lydia Hamza, and Richard Zletz  some of whom are choosing to run for the board in the upcoming election. All made brief introductions and raised major issues concerning the tenants of West Village Housing.
Among the topics discussed:
•   Energy Conservation / Energy Efficiency
•   Sub-metering – A clear and responsible path
•   Long term Financial Planning
•   Long Term Affordability and Protection for the Resident Shareholders
•   Controlling Maintenance Costs through Financial Responsibility and Oversight
•   Open Board Meetings and full transparency
•   Term Limits for the Board
•   Easing of Legal Sublet Regulations
•   Inheritance Rights
•   Creation of Empowered Task Forces to address the ever-increasing issues
of our Co-op
•   Flip Tax – Investigating Resolutions

A dedicated committee of neighbors pulling together to try to better the community and not just focus on their own agendas.

Board members Katy Bordonaro and Mark Hallenbeck showed their support by attending this new committees first meeting. The hosts of the committee and those in attendance were very gracious to the members of the current board . Jim Jacobson handled the meeting very well giving everyone (both shareholders and renters) a chance to speak. There was no real ranting going on but intelligent questions and clear communication. It was truly refreshing, inspiring, encouraging and informative. A great success especially for their first meeting. 

“Information 4 You/4 For Responsible Change” will be hosting other discussions in the next few weeks to continue their effort to bring WVH together as a community once again.

Stay tuned 4 further information.


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