Who Won?

The results:

Katy Bordonaro     130,062
Daniel Benedict     127,870
Navid Maqami        125,473.6
Barry Sendrovic     125,100
Maureen Burnley  122,964.5
Karen Jaroneski    107,778
June Polichetti       91,727.5

Totals # of votes cast per candidate:

Katy Bordonaro     130,062
Daniel Benedict 127,870
Navid Maqami 125,473.6
Barry Sendrovic 125,100
Maureen Burnley 122,964.5
Karen Jaroneski 107,778
June Polichetti 91,727.5

Jim Jacobson 85,942.5
Lawrence WInslow 84,157.50
Mark Hallenbeck 83,381
James Bozart 18, 064
Lorraine Kelley 611


One thought on “Who Won?

  1. I would like to thank all the shareholders who voted for me and the Information for U Slate. We managed to elect 2 very hard working, conscientious individuals that will make their voices heard in support of the community and the people that live here.

    Our voices have been heard. The new incoming board is aware that someone will be watching them. Change was the message. Better communication and engaging the community regarding financial decisions was foremost in the minds of the shareholder residents at WVH.

    I encourage all to support our new board moving forward. Our leadership should be responsive, inclusive & look to support the residents in this difficult economic time. They will be managing some very critical issues that will affect us all. They should be given a chance, then held accountable…

    I never questioned their courage in leading us, just their judgement. We should all be concerned that the community interests are served first and people are treated fairly.

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