A great message from CCM concerning the lawsuits at hand

Why is it any more of a waste to ensure that we are being represented properly than it is to be unaware of situations that are costing us in other ways we know nothing about?
There seems to be a very solid argument presented as to what were felt to be irregularities during the election process. This doesn’t need alot of emotion around it. There is no harm in stepping back and looking at it. Facts are facts and rules and procedures should be followed. It’s our responsibility, as those being represented, to every once in awhile monitor and hold accountable those we have put in place to represent us to ensure that things are as they seem even when it all appears to be right as rain. It’s a good balance for both sides. Bernie Madoff, anyone?
I would think the neighbors and shareholders of WVH would be grateful to those who believe they are doing what’s in our best interest and taking it upon themselves to step into the fray. There is a consideration of the fact, that because we all lead busy, stressful lives, some of us have not been paying enough attention or asking enough questions thereby allowing some behaviors to possibly have gotten sloppy. There is also the vast possibility that there are very reasonable and sound explanations as to what occurred – I’d like to hear them. There shouldn’t be any issues with a request like that.
Being on a Board is a completely thankless volunteer effort and many people don’t realize the hell that it can be. I also believe that if you want to bitch and yell and complain you should step up to the plate and do something about it. Well, the people pursuing this lawsuit look to be doing just that and, to be fair, if the Board is performing their fiduciary responsibility as is required they should have no problem in addressing all the concerns that have been voiced.

Written by: CCM, January 9, 2011 7:21 pm


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