Lawrence R. Vitelli – Here to help the tenants at WVH .

Just an FYI:

If any tenant at WVH has difficulty reaching or communicating  with the management office (i.e. Gail might be difficult to reach or not willing to talk or seems to allegedly be behaving as some may percieve in an unreasonable manner..c’mon everyone is entitled to having a bad day right?) at WVH or is in need of a helping hand with issues for any reason concerning their apartment  Lawrence R. Vitelli, Senior Vice President, Senior Managing Director of Douglas Elliman can help. Just let him know what the problem is  and/or share your concerns and comments. He can be reached at:

Douglas Elliman, 675 Third Avenue New York, NY  10017
Telephone 212.370.9200    Fax 212.692.8449   

His bio can be found here:


5 thoughts on “Lawrence R. Vitelli – Here to help the tenants at WVH .

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  2. Hey Andrew,
    We don’t know if Larry V. has seen the blog or will respond to your comment. The story came from a tenant who had called Larry V. (Gails boss) a couple weeks ago and she (Gail) had hung up on her. Angry, the tenant called her boss Larry V. In the disscussion the tenant said “I am through working with her!!! I don’t have to work with her!! From now on when I need my sink fixed or something repaired in my apt. I’m going to call you because she is rude and doesn’t want to do her job!!!!” And it’s true no one has to work with anyone if they feel he/she isn’t doing thier job properly and with the right attitude.
    Larry V. claimed no one has ever complained about her (gail) before. But he said he would “get to the bottom of this” (i.e. help the tenants) So if you feel the same way instead of just writing on the blog, which is much appreciated, it might be best to call Larry directly and tell him how you feel.

    • Hello Andrew,
      Thank you for writing.. we understand what you are saying completely. All we we were simply saying is that if you have a problem with management in getting something done (like a sink fixed or flooding etc) and you find that you are not getting a decent nor polite response from the main office at WVH then tell their supervisors at D. Ellliman (Larry V.) that’s part of his job. This way you might have somenone in management who can help you if the main office cannot. To let you know a tenant already called Mr. Vitelli’s office this past Thursday to let him know about the blog and his listing…we just don’t know if he has paid attn to the phone call.

    • I have been with Douglas Elliman Property Management a few years — there are lot of crazy and stupid people are working that dont want to work and just come to work to sit there and get a pay check. Keep away from Douglas Elliman Property Management!

      • +1 Agree
        I don’t understand how this company still have clients all vendors should keep away from Douglas Elliman Property Management.

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