Douglas Elliman – ” Absolute worst.”-Micah B.

Every employee gets a review from their boss. It’s either thumbs up or thumbs down. So we wondered what the public outside of WVH had to say about Douglas Elliman? Well when we googled-“Douglas Elliman”  what we found wasn’t too encouraging. On most sites they recieved only 1 out of 5 stars. The sites delt with both renters, buyers and sellers. In this age of the internet it seems “customer service” is of utmost importance because now people have a voice and it takes only a couple clicks to see how others felt. You can click on the links below (at the end of this article)and read for yourself.

Some were quoted as saying the following:…:

“Most management companies suck.   However,  these guys seems to go out of their way to  do nothing.  Absolute worst.” Micah B.
“…Worst most unprofessional bunch of thugs I’ve ever dealt with.”- Chan P.
“…They are deceitful, rude, and very unprofessional to say the least.”- veryunhappy33


Let’s hope for our own sake that Douglas Elliman has listened to other tenants throughhout the city and won’t repeat the same mistakes here at WVH. Let’s hope Douglas Elliman and thier representatives here at WVH have decided to get involved with the tenants, treat the tenants with respect be polite and help make WVH a better place…question is after 4 years have they? Your thoughts? Has Douglas Elliman been the best choice for management here at WVH? 

Douglas Elliman Review Links below:


7 thoughts on “Douglas Elliman – ” Absolute worst.”-Micah B.

  1. I’ve been working on Douglas Elliman Property Managemen (DEPM) for a while (unfortunately still there) and I know one lady that was illegally fired because she said the true to the Power about harassment and discrimination in DEPM. This is really sucks to be there! She was really good person and professional. Also I know that when she left then she started legal action against DEPM. I know that DEPM has lawyer from Jackson Lewis (so so) company. I’m sure that she should win her lawsuit!

  2. I saved over #100 a month on my electric – over 200 some months- by doing what our ascestors did, putting on more clothes and turning off the heat. But boy it was a cold winter!!! But that’s where the big cost is. Try another provider!++

  3. Dear Andrew, The process of fair elections needs to begin somewhere and this is where we can all participate. If you haven’t done so already please read the “Standardizing our election board process”. Tatiana and Charlie put in a lot of hours to put a first draft together…so if you have time to write feedback here on the blog please take a few minutes read the handbook and give some feedback to Tatiana and Charlie. If you want change to happen then help those who are trying to lay down some ground rules so an election of 2010 will not happen again. We just can’t vent on this blog but there needs to be constructive action to follow, otherwise it is just pointless.

    • Hello Andrew, Understood and thanks for your one is preventing you from replying or leaving comments and I reassure you no censoring here…just hoping you also read the handbook and sent Tatianna and George some helpful comments as well…you did right?

  4. As Gail Davis told one of the shareholders, “Stop coming in here and asking for crumbs!” Nice way to treat the people you work for. She doesn’t care. She will say “hi” to you with a smile and shake your hand while her other hand is stabbing you in the back. A complete fake and a rude, incompetent employee and not very nice to her staff. She’s more interested in getting “pay-offs” or are we calling those “bonuses” than doing her job…thank you Douglas Elliman for your oversight.

  5. Re “Make your votes count this election do so via proxies so we have a clear cut verification of your vote and assurance it can’t be dissallowed (sic) or hidden from elections inspectors as is the election of June 2010.”

    Voting by proxy might reduce non-participation, but by no means does that ensure your vote was counted, and not disqualified. Or even allowed to be cast in the first place. In fact, proxies have been at the very heart of some prior years’ hanky panky. This in addition to their more obvious utility in “vote management” by both “parties.”

    Example: In June 2009, I had a conflict on election night and gave my “proxy” to someone I trusted. My vote, and the vote of my proxy holder, as well as one other friend’s were NOT counted. This was nominally due to technical difficulties, but we were disenfranchised. Period. Gail told me in passing a few days later that our votes wouldn’t have made a difference. But that’s 20-20 hindsight and was no consolation — we’ve had many very tight races and those roughly 15,000 votes (roughly 1.5% of votes cast, roughly 1/10 of a “seat”) could very well have been the difference between 7th place… or missing the cut. In June 2010, that margin was 5,785 votes — one 3BR.

    Contrasting examples:
    a) In June 2008, over my strenuous objection at the election meeting, Gail Davis acted as both election administrator or a sort, AND as proxy holder, casting approximately a dozen resident-shareholder ballots. Carol Ule, attorney, had no problem with this blatant conflict of interest. The votes were counted. Gee, if only I hadn’t made a scene in 2008, maybe Gail could have voted as I would have via a “2nd hand proxy”… in 2009.
    b) In June 2010, long after the election meeting was nominally over, everyone else had left, and the quorum long since disbanded, Katy and her team were still in VCS figuring out how to vote. Why wasn’t my proxy holder allowed a similar privilege?

    • Correction: “of” a sort.

      Also, in June 2010, Carol Ule was present and part of Team Katy, and the vote well past closing time. Is Carol… Katy’s attorney, or the full board’s, let alone the full tenant-shareholder body politic? We’re paying her fees; we’re entitled to know. Did 4forChange have benefit of pre-paid legal counsel? Heck, despite prior years’ announcement and multiple requests earlier that night, we couldn’t even get the “magic number” — the number of shares in the house! Did Team Katy have that number? If so, did Carol know 4forChange did NOT?

      Note that had we run with three that night, it is quite likely that we would have won three seats, rather than two. Gee, it must be nice buddying up with BRG’s “spare” votes. Heck, those alone could have put Jim Jacobson in a seat. Great guy, btw. He would have made an excellent board member.

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