Watchdog Question

We are asking for your feedback. A topic that has raised its head again and again on this blog is the question of accountability. A few readers of the blog feel that anyone leaving a comment should provide their full name. Others feel completely the  opposite because of fear of retailiation that they should be able to leave comments and information under whatever name they choose.  The ethics here are tricky this is a public forum and we welcome all opinions. In the past we have always let the reader/commenter make that decision for themselves. We felt staying neutral on the issue provided a safe harbor for all to share thier information. We ask for your thoughts on this matter. Please keep em brief.


4 thoughts on “Watchdog Question

  1. I am posting here under my real name.

    Note that one reason I posted on the old WVHTA blog under pen names (e.g. Thomas Paine) was that I kept getting BANNED. (Emperor’s New Clothes are going on five-plus years, etc.) And one of the most notorious character-assassins on that site never posted under his or her real name.

    Note further that as the new E-Comm Chair, I’ve gotten a few emails from one character who won’t give his/her name. And certainly, fear ain’t the issue there. It’s the comfort that comes with throwing dirt clods from the shadows.

  2. I would like to see names to eliminate the possibility of one person posting many comments and giving the impression that there are a lot of people sharing that view…when it is only one person.

  3. I completely agree with Suzanne’s remarks. Transparency from the Board as well as from us, shareholders, is of utmost importance. I wish I could say that fear of the Board and of retaliation is nonsense, but I hear from others that sadly it is not. An Advocate is the perfect solution. Do we have a way of not accepting remarks without attribution to the author?

    Lydia Hamza

  4. In order for this to be a responsible, honest and open forum we need to be forthright and stand behind our comments, by signing our real names. For those tenants who have problems they need help with, but who are afraid, and many people do seem to be, sadly, afraid of management and the board, we could have a WVWD Advocate columnist.

    That Advocate would invite those with problems to contact them, and then the Advocate would post the problem on the blog, protecting the persons identity. The Advocate, would need, in order to protect and help the person with the problem to know the persons true identity, which they would keep in confidence.

    We need to walk our talk. If we want open and transparent communication we have to communicate openly and with transparency, except in cases where someone feels they might be harmed, comes to us for help, and for that we would have the Advocate.

    Suzanne W. Stout

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