WVH Energy Committee

WVH Energy Committee:

Doodle Energy Committee schedule Link: http://doodle.com/436desrucc3u8eip

Per the WVH Energy Committee meeting on Wed March 23, please indicate your availability for the next E-Comm meeting. Availability in this context means: If the meeting is scheduled that night… you currently would attend. And by “next,” I meant and continue to mean April. There was no misunderstanding raised on this matter when discussed at the beginning of the March 23 meeting. That there was apparently a misunderstanding voiced later does not tempt me to change my end of what we all agreed to: poll the full Energy Committee via Doodle (including those not present); and touch base later with Katy and Gail. Easy. Note that Tuesday April 5th is ok for the Garden Committee (thanks, Christine Gardner). Note further that in an email to me on Friday, Gail proposed Thursday April 7 as another option. I do not know whether that is ok for the Garden Committee, but as stated on the 23rd, I don’t see why the two need to be tied together. In that same email, Gail proposed Monday May 9 or Wednesday May 11, but I suggest we defer consideration of the May date until we next meet. (We have clearly outgrown the office location, but that matter was not mentioned in the email.) For purposes of taking the Committee’s “temperature,” I am including the full Mon-Fri weeks of April 4-7 and April 11-14 and April 18-21. My personal sense is that either April 5 or 7 is too soon to have accomplished meaningful off-line subcommittee and task force progress — and I trust that wasn’t the reason for the sudden rush — but I hope we can all rise to the occasion, given the circumstances. http://doodle.com/436desrucc3u8eip Please participate by COB Tuesday March 29, so I can compare notes with Katy and Gail as per the March 23 meeting, and we can then set the date for the April meeting. Non-participation will not be interpreted as a vote for April 5; it’s simply non-participation and will be interpreted as no preference as to date. On another note, I am looking over the draft meeting notes this weekend. (Thanks to Rob Boykoff and Karen Jaroneski.) They’ll be out soon. I’ll be in touch with subcommittee and task force leaders, and we’ll make the next meeting as productive as possible — and hopefully in a bigger space. An Agenda will be out in advance via email. Folks, it’s March. We just survived killer electrical bills this winter. If energy rates were to go up another 10%, how do you feel about being 10% colder next winter, give or take, just to break even? (As if it’s linear.) Again, please RSVP by COB Tuesday. Comments, and volunteerism, always welcome. Sincerely, Michael D. Markowitz, P.E. Chair, WVH Energy Committee


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