Wednesday’s Energy Committee-some ask “wtf was that all about?”

The energy committee meeting chaired by Michael Markowitz had a record number of attendees Wednesday night. The main office was filled to capacity. He presented an agenda that was pulled together from various tenants. Most of tenants said the meeting was well done and that it gave  them a feeling of hope. Some felt that something would be done and now  could be done concerning the energy issues at WVH. First order of issue was to determine the dates for future meetings. Much to the surprise of the chair, a date for the next meeting was penciled in by Gail D. which read  “April 5th”.  After much debate, it was agreed upon by all parties that April 5th would not be an acceptable date. Not only because the Chair was not consulted but, because it was also too soon to meet after Wednesday nights meeting. Finally, an agreement was reached.  The next energy meeting date, time and place would be scheduled between Chair- Michael M., Katy and Gail. Michael M. also decided he would post another poll asking for all attendees about
their availability using an online tool called  “doodle”. This agreement between Michael, Katy and Gail lasted only an hour. What happened later? Well read on…

Michael M. could not stay for the duration of the meeting due to a long-standing engagement and Robert B. chaired the rest of the meeting in his absence. All was going well until toward the end of the meeting, as some members observed, Katy and Gail  chose to ignore the “agreement” made with the Chair and attempted to stonewall the tenants and the chair and the previously penciled in date (April 5th) was declared by Katy and Gail as “the next meeting date”. In doing so, Katy and Gail it seemed gave no consideration to the schedules of other key participants nor to the limited space in the Management Office.  Michael, chair of the committee being no longer there and unable to set the record straight,  the room literally exploded in anger and resentment towards Katy and Gail. To most members of the committee  it seemed the two of them tried to override/back out on the agreement they made publicly with the Chair in front of the attendees of the energy committee. Afterwards many attendees said ” they felt hopeless if not disgusted by what happened” and then left to wonder if they really had a say in what happens here at WVH or is “committee participation” just nothing more than a guise to pacify the tenants?  Some were left questioning “where is the democratic process?” (For further discussion on the issues of the democratic process please read Wag the Dog March 25, 2011.) Gail further made reference that the explosive disagreement was just a “misunderstanding”, suggesting that twenty plus people in the room heard one thing and Katy and Gail had  heard something else. Needless to say this “misunderstanding” left tensions running high. The next meeting, whenever that is, should prove to be quite interesting to say the least.


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