Hello all, so there has been a question of “censorship” here on the blog. Allow us to clarify. WVWD is here for the tenants, for the community as a whole. We tried to set up a safe harbor for the readers to engage in conversation and say what is on their minds. That being said, the one thing we ask all our readers/writers alike is to try to avoid “name-calling” or “bullying” or “threatening” language this is especially easy to do when one can post anonymously. We would like to be above that sort of thing plus we feel it can intimidate others from participating. If you don’t agree with this, well one can always start their own blog..right?. Thanks for your consideration. WVWD


One thought on “Comments

  1. Name-calling, bullying, and threatening language should have no place on this blog. Diversity of opinion, yes. Sometimes heated debate, sure. Venting and invective, never. People may have the need to rant and rave but this is not the place for it. We are trying to build community here, not tear it down.

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