The Committee for Change – April 5, 2011

Dear WVH Friends and Neighbors, Shareholders and Renters alike:

The ink isn’t even dry on the last — and still-contested — WVHHDFC annual election and the next one is just around the corner.

 Do you know how many of YOUR VOTES the current board leadership threw out behind closed doors to stay in power?
Does the board represent YOUR interests?
How bad were YOUR winter electric bills?
Do you know there’s no more “concentrated balloting” — the voting system that protected minority interests for the first five years?

Have you been well-represented?  We have not been.

The Committee for Change wants to inform you with facts.
We invite the entire WVH Community.

Save Our Homes, Discuss Our Future, Restore Our Community

Tuesday, April 5
8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Village Community School, Music Room

We’ve put together an informative program covering a smorgasbord of topics we believe will be of interest, with a line-up of speakers who have truly been volunteering their time to bring Information 4 U to light, after which we want to hear from you:

  • Fair Play Rules for Election 2011 — Tatiana Carayannis, United Nations Election Observer
  • A View from Inside the Board — Maureen Burnley, WVHHDFC Director
  • Electrifying Perspectives on Energy Costs — Michael D. Markowitz, P.E., Chair, WVH Energy Committee
  • The Election Lawsuit of 2010 — Kenneth Hurwitz, Senior Legal Officer, Anti-Corruption, Open Society Justice Initiative
  •  The Tale of the Submeter Mover — Bob Peterson, WVH Resident, and Target
  • The Way Forward — Jim Jacobson, Member, the Committee for Change
  • Open Discussion — YOU!
All we ask is that you please come, please bring a friend, and please put this email and the attached flyer under your neighbors’ doors if no one has yet slipped one under yours.  

And please bring your last four electrical bills.

It IS Your Home.  It IS Your Money.  It’s NOT YET Your Board.

P.S.   Feel like yapping?  Bark at the Watchdog.

The Committee For Change


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