Committee 4 Change – Thank You

by The  Committee 4 Change

The Committee 4 Change would like to thank the 65 or so resident shareholders and renters who stuffed ourselves into the music room at VCS.

The panel of speakers presented accurate information on topics about the election lawsuit, the coming election, our skyrocketing energy costs, the lawsuit concerning the placing of a sub meter in a closet, a view from inside the board of directors, and the potential remedy for many of the frustrations that have been expressed.  (For a list of speakers please see the flyer on this site.)

Following the speakers the meeting was opened up for questions and comments.  The panel addressed many important questions about the decisions that the current leadership has been making and the direction and precedents that those decisions, if continued, will take us.  All the questions and follow up questions were responded to by the panel.  It should be noted that opinions and questions from people supporting the current board leadership
were heard, appreciated and responded to with the respect we all deserve.

The Committee 4 Change is interested in working for the betterment of the entire WVH community.  We believe that by listening to all the residents and through open, honest and vigorous debate we can restore our community and truly Save Our Homes, Protect our Money and Ensure an Affordable Future.


One thought on “Committee 4 Change – Thank You

  1. If anyone would like a copy of the hand-out that accompanied “Electrifying Perspectives on Energy Costs”, please email me at I’ll post it here soon.
    Or… post your questions here and I’ll reply on-line.

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