Next WVH Energy Committee Meeting

WVH Energy Committee
Wednesday, April 13
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
 at the Brecht Forum (West Street between Bank and Bethune)

Please read the full agenda by clicking here

Please note: We have been informed that the WVH Management office will not distribute a meeting notice for this next meeting. So please tell your neighbors all are welcome to attend.

PLEASE RSVP USING DOODLE-CLICK HERE   or copy and paste this address in your browser window :


2 thoughts on “Next WVH Energy Committee Meeting

  1. There is a FREE Co-op Expo happening on April 12 – Hilton New York Hotel – 53rd and Ave of Americas – 9AM to 5 PM sponsored by The New York Cooperator. Register at or call 1-212-330-0433.
    One of the seminars happening at 9:45 am is “Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Hype vs Perception & Reality. In addition, there are over 270 Exhibitors, Free Advice Booths, Educational Seminars etc.

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