Election Committee Formed

Last night at the House committee: In the rise of the dispute over the possible Election Fraud of 2010, an Election Committee was formed.  There were about 20 people in attendance. ALL seven slots were chosen by lottery of those present, interested, and not running for the board. There was some initial talk that the two co-chairs (Daniel and Deb) should be automatically chosen for the committee. Gail Davis upon her own interpretation of the by-laws tried to tell the attendees that “co-chairs” MUST be on the Election subcommittee. When confronted that her interpretation of the by-laws was incorrect, Gail conceded that their service was not required. In the end all agreed the fair thing to do was to put their names into the hat.

So who’s on the committee?

Deb Barall, Phyllis Bellucci, Jim Bozart, Christine Gardner, Nick Pisacane, Daniel Smith and Richard Zletz

One question: Why is management (Gail) allowed to attend these private shareholder meetings? She is not a shareholder and not on the board and should not be privy to distribute her  interpretation of the by-laws of the corporation. Isn’t her job just to maintain the building. Make sure it is mopped up and clean and not act in any capacity towards the legislative branches of our co-op?



One thought on “Election Committee Formed

  1. I attended last night’s House Committee meeting. Good to see that the entire Election Sub-committee was chosen “out-of-the-hat”.
    Glad to see that Gail Davis’s constant presence and authority is finally being questioned. She is with the building management – not on the Board, nor eligible to be on any of these committees, and as mentioned – not a shareholder. Why does she have so much to say about things that are none of her business. Why isn’t she called on her “interpretatons of the Black Book and decisions” more frequently. If things are brought up that do concern her, then like any other group, anywhere else – make a list of items that are necessary for her to know and email it to her! As for her taking minutes last night – from what I could see, virtually nothing, was actually written down. This needs to be done by someone more responsible to the shareholders (Video records of all meetings have been suggested) so that we actually know what goes on at these meetings, and what is brought before the committee, and not only what the Board wants us to know.
    Is Gail being paid to be there? If so, I’m sure it would be much cheaper to have a porter open and close the doors – not to mention, one more seat for a new, active participant.

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