WVH vs. Peterson..the saga continues

Some of us have had a brief vacation from the watchdog…but one update so far. WVH and Peterson will be going to trial on June 7th. Peterson had once agreed to settle with WVH. According to the previous agreement, WVH would pay their own legal fees and most of Peterson’s a total  estimated to be about $45,000.  They had also wanted him to sign the standard Alteration agreement. Upon review of the agreement with counsel it was determined that the way  the standard agreement is worded that if Peterson were to sign the agreement upon insistence by Management and the Board to settle the case he was being coerced into allegedly committing fraud on behalf of the board. Peterson refused to sign the agreement because he would not commit fraud and further submit that document to city as the Board was asking him to do. He and his counsel asked numerous times that if the Board wanted him to sign an agreement of any kind if  they could please write up an agreement that specifically reflected the case. The Board refused and the case was once again brought up before a judge. The judge had asked the Board’s counsel why they were insisting on him signing a piece of paper that had very little to do with the case and counsel for the Board responded that it questioned the safety of the placement of the submeter even though no one from Management nor the board has ever taken it upon themselves to look at the sub-meter in question since its installation by the Coops electricians almost two years ago. To address the concerns of the Board, the judge suggested an inspection from the  D.O.B  (Dept of Buildings). Both parties agreed that D.O.B. would be allowed to inspect the meter..then something curious happend.

One the day the D.O.B. was to inspect the meter, they went to the main office on 700 Washington to meet Gail Davis. Oddly, even though Ms. Davis had allegedly questioned the legality of the sub-meter’s placement for almost two years, and the Board itself in a letter to the tenant Peterson claimed that  the sub-meter was a “fire-hazard”, Ms. Davis did not instruct the D.O.B. to investigate Peterson’s sub-meter even though in doing so could have brought an end to this debate. Why? No one can answer that but Gail Davis. Why after almost two years would Gail not want resolve this issue (as ordered by the court agreement) one way or the other concerning the submeter?

Well this issue of either allegedly blocking or preventing D.O.B. from inspecting the meter and bringing and end to the issue was brought before the judge last week. The counsel for the board asked the judge for yet another appointment for inspection from D.O.B. .  Needless to say the judge refused citing counsel had that opportunity and for their own reasons refused to act upon it. So the case will now go to trial on June 7th and the expense is surely to escalate due to Management/Board alleged mismanagement..Question is, was it worth it? ….Stay tuned.


12 thoughts on “WVH vs. Peterson..the saga continues

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  2. Mr. Peterson – In my opinion your behavior has been arrogant and obsessive. We are talking about a box that’s only 4″ x 6″. Pick your battles.

    • Hello Ron,
      I agree with you almost 100%, you are right the meter is the size of a wall clock and it doesnt really matter where it goes, so why did the board make such a fuss and really make such an issue out of it to begin with? Remember they sued him first it was the board back in 2009 that was obsessive if not arrogant..check your facts Ron.

      • As I understand it, there are safety issues and guidelines that needed to be followed for this major and lengthy implementation. If something was not done safely and the Board had allowed it, the Board would be responsible. Here’s an opportunity for a major lawsuit! 

        The implementation of the submetering program had guidelines and a timeline. Challenging and disrupting the process during implementation was plain wrong and now we all now have to pay because of Mr. Peterson’s refusal to cooperate!

        It was made clear that we would have the opportunity to move the submeter later on if we followed certain procedures. This was not good enough for Mr. Peterson.

      • Dear Ron “as you understand it” please illuminate us all on the “safety issues and guidelines” your are referring to. Please be specific. We welcome the education.

  3. Mr. Peterson – Sounds like you are only telling your side of the story.

    Over 400 apartments in our complex cooperated accept for you, Mr. Peterson. What does that tell us?

    BTW, this article and website are discoverable, including your ownership and usernames if requested by the court. ISP records can be subpoenaed. 

    Deleting this posting (which may have been already archived in context) will document your censorship.

    Enough is enough! Stop spending our money!

    • Hey “Ron”,
      The community thanks you for reading the blog..
      A question in general, who’s side of the story should one tell if not their own. Everyone has always had an open invite to write for the blog, so feel free to sign up it’d be great! And “ownership” as you put it is community wide.

      As far as the money/expenses…You might also get your facts straight as it was the co-op who first took action against me, threatened to evict me and then attempted to sue me.. We tried to settle and come to many agreements but the board made their decisions and had their own agenda. So if you want to yell at who is spending your money you might want to take your argument before the board and see what they have to say for themselves in pursuing this matter.

      As for your comments if I can quote you, “Over 400 apartments in our complex cooperated accept for you, Mr. Peterson. What does that tell us?” For one i think you mean to say “except” not accept.
      And to answer you, perhaps it says I’m an individual and did my homework about the matter. Maybe a quote from Charles Schurz could help you:” From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor’s rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own.”

      We can also quote Thomas Paine~”A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.”
      Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird~ “The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.

      and finally

      Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.
      ~ Mark Twain


    • Dear “Westvillagewatchdog” or Bob. I have made the mistake of wasting my time participating on this sad website of yours. You’ll get no more oxygen from me.

      • Not worry Ron about the oxygen..sounds like you need all you can get…if u still want to illuminate us with your”specifics” u mentioned earlier we would love to hear them… Take your time…and remember to take deep breaths.

    • Hey Jessica,
      I’ll put it to you this way. We made an appointment for DOB to view the submeter. DOB showed up at the main office and what happend between Gail and DOB is something you’re going to have to ask Gail. All that I know is that they did not come to apt but they were in the main office the day of the appointment. When we questioned Gail why she did not direct them to come to view the submeter in question as agreed to in court she told my lawyer ” I don’t tell them where to go.” So I guess we’ll have to see…Now we have had HPD and three engineers look at the meter without a problem

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