wvhhfc..still more problems

Hello neighbors , So back in Feb 2010 we posted a story about how difficult it was to get access to the WVHHFC.com site. Click here for the original story According to one of our recent comments by Steven M. it still looks as if Douglas Elliman hasn’t addressed the problem a year later. It took Aljona of Douglas Elliman weeks before Steven heard back anything.

Seriously “Aljona Necaj, Database Administrator & IT Support for Douglas Elliman Property Management”  if you are reading this post could you please respond faster to the tenants who are paying you to do your job? There are plenty of other managing agents who would be happy to manage our co-op if you are not interested or don’t have the time. If anyone else is having problems logging in try emailing Aljona here: Aljona.Necaj@ellimanpm.com

or call Douglas Elliman/Larry Vitelli 212-370-9200 and hopefully he can help.


3 thoughts on “wvhhfc..still more problems

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  2. + 1
    I guess this person has some protection from the management that allow to her don’t do anything. Maybe we need to send our complain to the president of the property management?

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