Obama speaks of WVH (well sort of)

In a wonderful Email sent by neighbor Aysha, it shows even Pres. Obama is for better windows and better insulation..he even calls it “sexy”. So c’mon WVH don’t we want to be sexy? It’s time to throw some of our hard earned money to keep us sexy warm in the winter and sexy cool in the summer. Enough talking about “duct taping windows” or “putting old plastic bags over the sleeves” its a shame to even let neighbors have to resort to such things…really duct taping? nice…..it’s time to demand proper windows and insulation. Thanks Aysha!! Great Job!!

To view the video here is the link: Pres. Obama and WVH


One thought on “Obama speaks of WVH (well sort of)

  1. Thanks Aysha!

    Obama’s “Cash for Caulkers” speech was delivered at a Home Depot, December 2009.

    But at WVH, as far as the board majority is concerned, insulation is an every-apartment-for-itself topic — despite the building envelope NOT being part of our proprietary lease space — and “sexy” is rubbing two Eskimos together.

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