WVH Election Results- the Benedict Board


12 thoughts on “WVH Election Results- the Benedict Board

  1. Did anyone ever really think there would be a board without Katy? Many of us hoped with this election to create a more balanced and transparent board, one where everyone had weight and was involved in making decisions. a board which we might very well have now, but not as we’d expected it would be.

    Many I spoke with assumed Katy and Maureen would both still be on the board. I don’t think the reasons being offered as to why this upset happened are simple, or all the investors doing, but that’s for another discussion in the future. We now have seven good people who have stepped up, willing to serve this community, and they probably couldn’t imagine a board without Katy either. Who will be President? Who will attend all those many, many meetings aside from the board meetings? Who will interface with our legal team? You can’t have everyone doing it, it gets confusing and costly. And what about the WVH office? Katy was in there constantly having weekly meetings with Gail. Who will write the Newsletter? And organize the Holiday Party, the tips for the employees, etc. etc.?

    Katy was a one-woman band. Her absence from WVH service, whether you loved her, or she drove you crazy, will leave a huge vacancy in the fabric of our community, which will need to be filled by our new board members collectively. The new President may imagine that role in an entirely new way. Are there written expectations for the board president? Other board members, who on past boards were often left with little to do will be needed and invited to participate more fully now, as will we all. People plan. God Laughs. And, Tomorrow is a Brand New Day.

    • Suzanne I think the praise for Katy and how you are viewing her past performance is a bit “rose-colored”. Her presidency reeked more of an autocracy then of a tireless “one-woman” show. The ability for a leader to let go and distribute their leadership with trust in others shows to everyone a much stronger person of character. A leader(s) is someone who is confident and self-assured as to be open to new ideas, accepting of different avenues of thought and ideas and willing to reach out and trust others, its leaders like that who deserves the praise…those qualities of trust and understanding were severely lacking in our last President.. Its not about just showing up at every meeting and planning parties but when you do show up that you do the right thing with the power you have been given.

      • I agree with everything you have shared. I used the term one-woman band, not one woman show, to illustrate one person grabbing and playing all the instruments instead of playing as part of a many member band. I was not grading Katy’s performance. The leadership qualities you want in our leadership are ideals. Ideally that’s what a good leader is. Ideally. Please point out the leaders you know who meet your stated ideal criteria. I am a member of more than a few institutions, and I have met only a rare few who possess the character you speak of. Yes, our leadership has been flawed, as are we all, albeit in different ways. Hopefully, it will now change, and exemplary leaders will rise from the seven now on the board, and we can help them by being the kind of people we want our leaders to be.

    • I would simply point out in response to the above that Katy et al shut down the once-popular and widely used WVH BBS, promised to start it up again post-conversion yet did not despite numerous direct requests, and further, took aggressive and intimidating steps to pressure a short-lived independently run BBS into closing.

      So rather than parse the above post, I gently invite readers to appreciate the unintended irony of simply being able to read such a post on the Watchdog.

      Tomorrow is not only a Brand New Day, it’s Morning — no letter “u” for the majority of tenant voters — in this little corner of America.

  2. To clarify, I think the board may elect a slate associated with the former leadership not including anyone from the “Vote for Change” slate. I believe that would be a mistake because it would perpetuate the polarization everyone decries.

  3. To clarify, I am concerned that the board could elect officers who are loyal to the past leadership and not include people associated we the “vote for change” , This would be polarizing.

    • First, congratulations to the winners. I have high hopes for the change in leadership, and the revitalization of the community, regardless of who ends up in which office.

      It would seem the top seven finishers are simply the candidates that Daniel Benedict voted for. Mr. B voted “split ticket.”

      Note that without his votes over the top seven, amongst tenant voters only, this WOULD have been the board; effectively a clean sweep for change:
      1-Bozart; 2-Benedict; 3-Maureen; 4-Lydon; 5-Ronen; 6-Larry; 7-June.

      Regardless, change has arrived, just a little different than some of us would have anticipated.

      Note that 20% of shares — all tenants — did not vote. Pretty steady over time.

      • What difference does the 20% no-vote or no-proxy if they were out of town make if we gave our proxies to someone who gave them to Benedict? that’s what I did. I got a proxy from someone who has never voted – convinced her to trust my candidate.

      • How did you calculate the rank order that you mention had it been tenant votes only? Is it possible that Katy agreed to bow out if Maureen was denied a seat? If so I believe that Daniel walks away the winner. I hope that Jim Bozart the top vote getter becomes President. This would allow change, Jim is very independent. His election would avoid a new leadership that might be more of the same. It could promote further polarization despite everyone’s expressed desire to bring the community together.

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