Jim Bozart

Hello All,

So we asked Jim Bozart if he would write a little bit about himself  and the community and he did. Truly like some of you have been posting maybe it is a new day after all. Thank you Jim. WVWD

Jim Bozart:

Thanks for your offer to post it – I’ve written something below. Jim Bozart has lived at WVH for about 20 years at 348 West 11 St (3 BR duplex). He was a Board member 2 years ago and 3 years ago (did not serve this past year). I am active in the restaurant/resort/real estate business area, in addition to running Vending and Finance companies. I am a Board member of Saint Frances College in Brooklyn (over 10 years) and served as that Board’s president for 6 years. My interests here at WVH revolve around communication and transparency. I want to have the shareholders to have more contact with the Board, so that their concerns (and the Board’s feelings re those concerns) can be open and clear. The stability of our complex is the # 1 priority, along with planning for the future re Taxes, Mortgages, the Garage, selling the apartments we own, etc. We need to talk together about these things, and hear each other out regarding them. I will propose that we have shareholders’ meetings every other month, with all Board members present, so that your voices can be heard, your issues addressed, and transparency can return to WVH.





3 thoughts on “Jim Bozart

  1. Jim,

    Congratulations again.
    The word “planning” is like music to my ears.

    Given your prior experience on the board — and your vote total — I’m looking forward to your landing in the presidency.
    Under this voting system, without concentrated balloting, your total clearly and cleanly indicates you appeared on more ballots than anyone else.

  2. Lydia, I remember hearing Jim speak in the past about opening up portions of board meetings to shareholders (those that do not disclose shareholders’ personal issues) and I’m sure he will move in that direction. I think the bi-monthly meetings he is offering in his bio above, are, as you suggest, a forum to exchange information. You’re right they are quite different and both are very welcome and needed. We’re so glad Jim is back on the board.

  3. Dear Jim,

    I’m a bit confused and I thought it best if I put the question to you. At the Election Meeting on Monday I heard you say that you were for open Board Meetings (of course nobody expects to hear or broadcast other shareholders’ personal issues) – this was a breath of fresh air to those of us who listened to you.
    In your post here, you speak of bi-monthly open Shareholders’ Meetings – I applaud your plan, but what happened to the open Board Meetings? The two are not the same. One is a forum to exchange ideas and the other is transparent democracy in action: you on the Board are not individuals but representatives of all of us, entrusted to carry our voices.

    Would you mind clarifying this for us?

    Thank you very much, Jim.

    Best regards,
    Lydia Hamza

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