Nightmare on Bank Street

Up on Bank Street, we are just barely surviving almost 3 months of having all the front stoops jackhammered to bits, torn out into heaps of debris, rebuilt with wood frames nailed together on the spot, and replaced with poured concrete (ending up, oddly enough, just as ugly as before). Mind you, the work (and noise) has been starting every morning at 7:00 am…and our front gardens have been flattened to scraped dirt (but that’s progress: for the longest time, they had been completely filled with 6-foot-high heaps of concrete rubble, wood scraps, and trash).
Although the stoop onslaught is still continuing, I just noticed that we’re suddenly ALSO having (without any mgt office notice, as per usual):
  • all the front doors being torn apart, glass bashed in, torn out, and replaced (also ending up, oddly enough, just as ugly as before)
  • sidewalks being jackhammered up and replaced (what, was there a sale on concrete?!)
  • roofs being replaced (the only truly necessary project — should’ve been done years ago!)
You simply cannot believe the noise level and the amount of construction debris, heavy machinery, gas fumes, and debris. Half of the sidewalk is cordoned off, and part of the street is cordoned off too (where the bulldozer and generator sleep at night…before they wake up and start screaming at 7:00 am). Really, it’s a complete disaster!!! I don’t think we can take much more!
I must ask: why is all of this happening simultaneously? What is up? — Why is Bank Street the center of the construction universe? Why are we being punished in some strange hell filled with construction debris? Please, someone’s got to give us a break with this!
I beg you, will someone please come up and see what things are like up here? I promise, you’ll be shocked!
WTF on Bank Street

2 thoughts on “Nightmare on Bank Street

  1. Front stoops and sidewalks are completed on Bank St. and we finally get a well deserved break from all the noise and debris that have been driving us crazy for the last 3 months. However, I have noticed that the front metal fence we have all along the side walk have been chopped in several parts during the jackhammering of the front stoops. It would seems logical for the contractor to place the fence back the way it was before. Instead, we now have all the cut-out parts tied back with a piece of wire just to keep it barely standing. Shouldn’t this contractor be responsible for fixing the fence and cleaning the front gardens (if we can call it that) of all the concrete and construction material seating around?. Is there any plan for replacing the tree removed from 158 Bank?. Can we ever get any repair done without having to sacrifice what is working fine?. Should I be affraid of the roof installation?. Are we going to get a new roof that will start leaking or making my apartment more cold in the winter time?. I better start crossing my fingers now.

  2. As Gail D. threatened to continue jack-hammering the sidewalks on Bank St. (perfectly good sidewalks mind you..the words “payback” or “payoff” somehow come to mind), last week before the holiday weekend our new co-op Pres Jim Bozart came to the rescue and put an end to all the noise that the residents of Bank Street had to endure. Within minutes he showed up on Bank St, assessed the situation and turned off the noise.. Thank you JIm

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