Winterizing your air conditioner sleeves-A.Quinn

Winterizing your air conditioner sleeves:If you have old (original) air conditioner sleeves, there is a supply of outside covers which WVH has in storage and which you can access. (Last year’s estimate from management was that about 200 were available). I trust one may timely get them by calling management office. 212-255-2035.

If you have new Friedrich sleeves, the old covers won’t fit/work. You can order the following from Ann at
Johnstone Supply, 718-545-4896.  This is the distributor Friedrich recommends.

Outer panel – metal – $31.11 + tax and shipping.
Inner panel (which is for an empty sleeve (no AC unit in it): laminated cardboard – 10.00; metal $25.56 (+ tax and shipping)
Note:  The laminated cardboard outer panels are no longer available.

Both Ann and a gentleman with whom she works said that, as an aesthetic choice, they would go with cardboard inner (of course with metal outer) if one has an empty sleeve.

Instructions for installing new Friedrich outer panels:

Pull the air conditioner;
unscrew and pull the grate;
insert the insulating plate;
put the grate back in front of the plate and screw them both in.
place other insulating materials (see below paragraph) over any gaps.
replace the AC unit into sleeve

Frank, the super, and I checked two metal outer plates in two new sleeves and one old sleeve. There was a small gap at the bottom of each new sleeve, one slightly less than the other (which the rep at Friedrich said sounds impossible). Frank opined that the grates were different sizes. Perhaps it’s the way the buildings settle. Hard to figure out but mine is not to reason why so what I can offer is that placing insulating material in front of it (to the inside), which is available at Garbers, covering any gaps, and duct taping over all edges does the job nicely and significantly cuts down noise from outside.

These do not fit in the old sleeves – 1/4 in. too tall.

Additionally, one can add a quilted cover over the AC unit (inside the apt.)  which is also available at Garbers. Get the large size. The quilted covers alone, in my experience, aren’t enough.

If everyone gets together and places a bulk order, it would reduce postage but not cost per item; it would have to be a huge order – like thousands – to get a significant price break.

I hope this helps everyone. There’s some work involved but it’s worth it for the comfort and energy savings.


2 thoughts on “Winterizing your air conditioner sleeves-A.Quinn

  1. Well, Thanks Angel, for spilling the beans that our security company provides guys who are hanging out in the gardens where they’re protected by the iron gates. At least we know where to find them when they’re not clustered around the all night deli at Washington and Charles.

    What it has to do with winterizing AC sleeves or any of all the other headings under which you posted, escapes me. But at least more of us are now surely aware we should not be spending our maintenance monies on this type of “security”.

  2. This post does not belong in Energy Committee. I did this research/writing on my own as a gift to the community. I am not on the E-Comm and would like to make that clear so that no one is confused.

    Thanks. Aysha

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