Douglas Elliman…at it again?

Recently, a neighbor was it wits end recently  trying to deal with the management office at WVH. We here at the WatchDog we’re once again receiving numerous complaints about some situations concerning rude and unprofessional behavior from the Elliman staff.

It should be noted on their own “home page” that Douglas Elliman, our management company, claim to be at the top of their game and “abide by these practices” stated below. :

“It’s About Providing High Quality, Cost-Effective Living
We know that the quality of life each resident experiences while living in any building is dependent upon expert and proficient management. Our priorities are focused upon providing responsive service, maintaining and improving the building structure and systems, and maximizing the property value while meeting financial expectation.

It’s About Knowing the Issues in the Building
At Douglas Elliman Property Management, we’ve studied the issues that most effect residential building management and have developed a wide range of services to best meet the needs of residents and owners.

Every building detail is as important to us as it is to our residents — the training and appearance of building staff, the reliability of mechanical systems, the responsible handling of major capital improvements, the introduction of amenities that enhance residents’ lifestyles, and an understanding of the environment that makes each building distinct and unique.

It’s About Great People Achieving Great Results
We have found success primarily because we attract and employ exceptional managers. These are professionals who have considerable experience in residential property management and are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct. 

Leading the industry in providing rigorous ongoing employee training and continuing education programs for both our property managers and building staff.

Having a unique emergency management system that is readily available and responds to crises overnight and on holidays and weekends”

So we ask you to draw your own conclusions. Do they live up up to what they claim? You be the judge. After all they work for you….You can read their entire statement here:

If you find their claims on their home page to be inaccurate or take issue with any of the above or on their website Senior VP,Larry Vitelli after contacting him says he would like to hear from you. So Douglas Elliman has provided you his email and phone number which you can find in the sidebar and below. Feel free to express your concerns or call them to  congratulate them on a job well done.
or call
Douglas Elliman
Phone 212.370.9200
Fax 212.692.8449


3 thoughts on “Douglas Elliman…at it again?

  1. I just read Elliman’s “practices” above. Uh, That would be a “no”. They do not live up to those practices. But, it would also be a “no” to wasting any more time calling Mr. Vitelli.

    It’s interesting they write “knowing the issues”. That may be true. How about addressing the issues instead of ignoring the issues; deflecting the issues; hiding the issues; stonewalling those who bring up the issues?

    “Leading the industry in providing rigorous ongoing employee training and continuing education programs for both our property managers and building staff.” I’m eager to learn about these programs for building staff. What courses/certificates did our staff rigorously earn in the past year(s)? Is this in our newsletter(s)? At the open meetings about what was accomplished? Did I miss it?

    Obviously, the rest is crap. Like Lyndon Johnson running as the “peace” candidate while radically escalating an illegal war. (I look forward to your letters and texts. :-))

  2. Dear Watchdog,

    thank you for the posting. We are ways from a respectfully and decently operated cooperative housing community. Hopefully posting the issues can work towards this worthwhile goal.

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