The board lead by Jim B. has done a great job this first half of the year. Especially considering the mess they were left to clean up from the previous board president.

One issue that seems to be buzzing around the emails lists are the WINDOWS!!!! For years now all of the tenants here at WVH have complained how poorly built and insulated our windows seem to be. Well today, it’s only 25 degrees and dropping outside with more winter on the way. One tenant had a window specialist look at the cheap windows installed here at WVH and the specialist reported that OUR windows actually conduct the heat and cold rather than prevent them from protecting the residents inside from the sweltering heat and freezing cold.

So whats the deal with the windows? It’s time to put an end to the discussion and move forward with tangible results. We have called City officials to look into the matter of poorly insulated buildings where the tenants were asked to flip the bill for energy heating and cooling costs(submetering)..And hope to have more on that later.

One question, rumor or concern that has come up and we hope to have a direct answer, is whether it has been Benedict blocking any installation for new windows because he doesn’t want to spill out the cost for his tenants ( our neighbors) who are left in the cold? We would like to know if the rumor is true?

Also, not since the election have we heard from Navid Maqami who’s bio, sent to all the tenants for his campaign this past June, focused the majority of his platform on energy efficiency here at West Village Housing. As a board member and architect, what are his plans for our building? We are sure he has been to some of the energy committee meetings..right?

For Benedict, perhaps one could call, email or send him a letter asking him how he feels about the WVH energy issues and as a non-resident what he plans to do to help our buildings be more energy effiecient.  Benedicts contact info:

BRG Realty

516.498.9100 ext 123   fax(516) 504-9540

Information from you..and maybe we should go the philanthropic route:

One of the situations on the window topic is, who is going to pay for new windows (if any are ever approved)? One tenant has written that if they themselves have to buy their new windows then they have the right to take them with them when and if they decide to move. The real question isn’t do we need new and better windows but when are we getting the new windows we so richly deserve!!!!

So we are asking for your feedback:

If anyone has information on new windows (make, models etc) let us know and send us the  information to this address: and we will post this information for the energy committee and for the board. Or feel free to post your info in the comments.


If left to our own devices to pay out of pocket, we here at the WVWD were also thinking about starting a fund raiser, where we would ask for donations  to help purchase new windows for our neighbors here at WVH who simply can not afford the expense. We have so many neighbors who are on fixed incomes who deserve to stay warm in their homes…tell us if you think this is a good idea or not and let us know via email if you are one of the households that could truly use this type of help:

Contact us here:

or in the comments. If we do this together…something might be done.




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