Douglas Elliman – Automatic Payment – THINK TWICE BEFORE DOING THIS!!!

Happy Holidays Neighbors,

UPDATE 12/22/11: We Spoke to a professional accountant who said the form that Elliman is asking you to fill out is not proper  procedure. The form should be a mechanism online to fill out that is encrypted and secure. Handing a piece of paper with this type of information is a vehicle for IDENTITY THEFT AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!

So today,  slid under our door Douglas Elliman is trying to provide an online payment system to pay your maintenance.  We have been asked to WRITE down our routing number, account number and attach voided check. And hand it back to our property manager….truly asking us to TRUST douglas elliman with our account information and billing and permission to withdraw funds..

DOUGLAS ELLIMAN, YOU’RE KIDDING RIGHT?!!! No where on the letter does it address security issues and WHO is looking at this piece of paper.

Its a matter of TRUST!!!
 If you google :douglas elliman lawsuits
You will see the hundreds of lawsuits they are involved in….you might want to think twice before handing over your bank information to them!!!!!


If you bank with Chase, you can use Chase Online to securely pay your bill online. This is set up with your own bank account and all you have to do is sign in when you want and allow Chase bank to write the check for you. It takes 2 to 3 business days to process. SIMPLE and direct without management going through your bank account.


10 thoughts on “Douglas Elliman – Automatic Payment – THINK TWICE BEFORE DOING THIS!!!

  1. > The form should be a mechanism online to fill out that is encrypted and secure.
    Yes. 100%. I understand you 🙂
    I know why they do it. From Douglas Elliman left all good IT Professionals that created the on-line procedure. Now they hired really stupid IT Director that just receiving good salary and don’t do that he really must to do. Lets see what will be next – it will be worse and worse.

  2. Interesting also is that it’s not a fixed number they’d be taking every month. It varies, depending on one’s electric bill which is still questionable. I trust part of this is because they’re having a lot of trouble getting bills out on time and/or getting the electric included, which then requires adjusted bill – double the paper, ink, postage x 400ish. But a person with little cushion in checking could really get caught unaware if electricity jumped (for whatever reason).

    • Hello Phyllis,
      So far our policy has been to leave it up to each author to decide for themselves if they wish to give their name. Some tenants still live in fear of retribution but, might have information they need to share or they might need help when they feel they are in an unfair situation so we provide a place for them to air their concerns and try to give them a place to ask for help. A safe harbor we hope. Its been an issue long debated over the year. All we ask is that the information they provide is as accurate as possible and we can post the information for them if they are unable to do so.
      Thanks for reading..if you would like to author/write on the blog feel free to sign up for a free wordpress account and follow the steps listed above in “How to write for WVWD”

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