Gail Davis to Resign January 6th

We here at the WVWD wish her well. Feel free to leave comments or messages.

We posted last week before the holidays that Gail Davis was resigning come Jan 9 when in actuality the date is Jan. 6th. We do not know if she will be in the office this final week but if so,  if you have any unfinished business you might consider attending to it ASAP.


10 thoughts on “Gail Davis to Resign January 6th

  1. This is wonderful news that Gail is leaving — and a great way for West Village Houses to start the New Year! It’s amazing (and outrageous) that she kept her job as long as she did. Now maybe Douglas Elliman will leave too……and we’ll get a nice clean slate of management who actually care about the people who live here and work here.

  2. The actual date is JANUARY 6th. Although, we have not been given any official notification. I am very curious as to who her replacement will be, and as to how the transition will be handled. How long as Gail been the property manager? It seems like a very long time, through the conversion and all the wars. Before that, Eddie Cotto, and before him the lovely Diana, (who was excellent) and before her I don’t recall, there was someone before her, and then of course Edwin for a decade, and before him, a guy who was here briefly, after Bill left. Please correct me if I am in error.

  3. I am very glad to find out Gail got a better job with higher pay. It is very well deserved. We all took Gail for granted. I question whether we will find a replacement that can handle this job with the same level of commitment and engagement. Some of us are very difficult and don’t realize it. Gail, if you are reading this, please understand that most of us love you and appreciate all the work you’ve done for us. We will miss you!

    • Hey Andrew (Paul),
      what did you do? Drink the kool-aid down to the last drop? Most of us are not “difficult” at all as you claim. You on the other hand…well who am i to judge, only you can answer that :).Seriously you’re welcome to your own opinion…but please don’t speak for the rest of us when you say “We”. When most people I talked to personally heard the good news of her departure, some we’re moved to tears of joy. Some screamed yea!!!!!! Others as you can read think its the best holiday gift ever and a wonderful beginning to the new year!!! For myself and my neighbors, Gail is/was a complete nightmare. The most rude incompetent person, who lied to all of us day after day…she treated people like sh@&!!! She looked for anyway to make a buck for herself and was a bully and dishonest person. I for one am thrilled she is outta here…good riddens Gail and don’t let the door ( that u ignored and is need of repair) hit ur ass on the way out!!! We’ll clean up the mess u left behind like any other distructive storm we’ve had to endure! Goodbye!!!!!

      • When Gail started out she was helpful and friendly. Then she left for another job, but then ( I heard) the board asked her to come back. When she returned with her assumed leverage, she became not only Bordonaro’s Pitt Bull, but started to run this place with impunity. Yes, some shareholders adore her, and for their devotion, they were rewarded: Allowed to sublet at triple prices, do anything they wanted to their apartments under the radar, get immediate attention for any and all of their issues and problems, etc. However, If you were not part of her inner circle posse, she would dismiss you, be rude, deny you the very things she’s allowed others, and make life hell for you, as she did for that one poor shareholder about his electric meter placement. She and Katy started a lawsuit against him that cost the rest of us over $30,000 and there are other law suits as well. Favoring some, Loathing others is not a good management style. Nor is not getting bids for jobs, like painting, instead bringing in and keeping inferior contractors because they are her friends.

        I could go on and on, but I think many, many, many shareholders, based on the ones I run into on the way home from work, are absolutely giddy and glad the tyrannical regime, with Katy out, and now Gail moving on, is ending. Gail didn’t start out that way, but she turned into a Tyrant. I’m sure her small posse of devoted shareholders will feel lost without her protection. However, I know that most of us have growing confidence in Jim Bozart and the new board. Jim and the new board are proving to be astute managers, and with their thoughtful selection process will pick a new property manager who is skilled, plays by the rules of decency, fairness, and has learned the value and necessity of grace and good manners.

  4. I was the share holder that Gail Davis was so inappropriately rude to , and I’ve just been given the best present for the holiday season. Her resignation !!!! I would like to share with all of the west village watch dog readers that I called Larry Vitelli, and emailed Jim Bozart about her very disgustingly rude unproffesional behavior . Jim was quick to get back to me , and said he would bring it up at the board meeting , and followed through with me . Larry Vitelli said he would call me back on Friday. I guess I should have asked him which friday of what year ~ maybe it’s time to start vexxing a new management company ?

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