ENERGY Committee Blog Coming soon…

Happy New Year.(almost)
We just wanted to let you know that our Energy Committee will soon be posting there own informational blog. Here you’ll be able to find out the latest updates, energy saving tips and information concerning the energy issues here at WVH. The blog will be independently hosted directly by our neighbors, the energy¬†committee¬†members and not filtered through the managing agent. Paper handouts and leaflets will still be provided. We’ll let you know when it is going to be ready and provide the links for you to view.. we are very excited to see the communication expanding here at WVH.


One thought on “ENERGY Committee Blog Coming soon…

  1. At tomorrow night’s EC meeting (January 11th, 2012) I plan to propose that members of the energy committee suggest to the board and Douglas Elliman that we purchase the weather stripping in bulk recently recommended by the EC. I will (and welcome others to join me) volunteer to go around door to door to install it. It’s very simple to do as Noel pointed out at the last meeting. I did my windows and I am already enjoying warmer temperatures in my apartment. And it think it would be a nice gesture for those residents who can’t do it themselves, or don’t know how to, or who would love to have it done by someone else even if they can do it!

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