New Management?? Give it some thought

We are asking for you suggestions…New years is all about change. Many readers here and throughout WVH would like to drop Douglas Elliman as our management
company( as difficult as that may be) as their record “ain’t so hot” and they plan on bringing yet another employee they’ve trained to work here.

So here is what we are asking you all to do. Please ask our neighbors in other buildings what management company they use and if they are happy with them. We have a couple of them in mind so far. And then PLEASE LIST THEM IN THE COMMENTS and we will be happy to contact them and and send the list onto Prez. Jim Bozart.

Let us know




4 thoughts on “New Management?? Give it some thought

  1. Douglas Elliman is horrible company that I ever heard. I know many stories about Douglas Elliman Property Management that is saying this company having big financial problems – they fired many employees, catting salaries, have many lawsuits, also I know a few people that left from the company in last 12 months — they are very happy since they left. We need to do in the same way!

  2. In thinking about your question, I realize I (we) first need to determine what exactly a management company does:

    They handle all the operational finances and bookkeeping (billing, receipts, payroll, medical and benefits for the employees of the Co-Op. They hire and pay the Property Manager. Beyond that what are they in charge of? It seems to me people are happy with a management company if they are happy with the way they are treated in the on site office, and if there aren’t too many mistakes in billing.

    I’d like to know what exactly Douglas Elliman or any management company was/would be in charge of? Who assigns the contracts to vendors? Who hires and fires employees? Who does purchasing? And do we do it as a single corporate entity or in bulk with Elliman’s purchasing power? Who decided to once again sign a three year contract with Park Avenue Security? Was that Douglas Elliman, or the property manager, or our board?

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