Energy Audit-

WVH Energy Committee Shareholders,
The WVH Energy Committee has completed interviews with three (3) very qualified and viable companies for a full comprehensive Energy Audit. The process has moved to selecting one of the following candidates for submission to the WVH Board of Directors for contractual Agreement. The three (3) candidates are:
All have made presentations at the previous three Energy Committee meetings. Two of the candidates are listed under NYSERDA. All three work and have relationships with NYSERDA and Con Ed. We have worked to communicate the time and date of all meetings, so that interested shareholders may attend and offer their expertise or opinion, on energy related matters.

Each candidate has received a site plan of all 42 buildings, so they can have an understanding of the configurations. The candidates have had an opportunity to visit the buildings to view an apartment. While the visits have not been in depth, it nonetheless gave them an example of the energy sources and potential problem areas shareholders have to deal with. 

All candidates will be asked to submit a proposal based on WVH unique needs as expressed by shareholders during these meetings. Our goal is to have a detailed audit of energy consumption, heat loss, insulation, options for alternative energy sources ie. natural gas/solar/generator, for all 42 buildings. The audit will yield recommended solutions that shareholders can enact now and a long term plan for energy efficiency. Financial ROI evaluations and payback options for solution implementation will also be addressed.

The process for selecting one candidate from these three (3) to submit to the WVH board of directors is as follows:
  1. All candidates will receive a questionnaire that will provide shareholders with an understanding of their strengths as an Energy Auditor
  2. The questionnaire will be followed by a formal proposal with pricing for an Energy Audit of West Village Houses
  3. All candidate responses will be distributed to Energy Committee members to evaluate
  4. A discussion and vote will be taken at the next Energy Committee meeting on the candidates
  5. The candidate with the most votes will be submitted to WVH Board of Directors as the Energy Auditor partner
This is the list of questions the candidates will respond to:
  • Please describe the history of your company in performing Energy Audits
  • West Village Houses has 42 buildings/420 units, many with different exposures. How would you approach a development such as ours for a comprehensive Energy Audit? Please provide steps
  • Please provide information on your firm’s experience performing Energy Audits with all electric usage co-ops/condos, or apartment buildings. Case studies with results, would be helpful
  • What type of experience do you have with buildings in Manhattan?
  • Given the background you know about West Village Houses, which program: ie. NYSERDA, Con Edison, or both, if applicable, would be best for WVH?
  • How long would an Energy Audit from your firm take?
  • How large a sampling of apartment units would you recommend for an Energy Audit of WVH?
  • Can you increase the percentage of units in the sampling, or customize the sampling, if requested?
  • What are the most common cost effective upgrades for a co-op property like WVH?
  • What steps would you recommend WVH take prior to an Energy Audit by your firm?
If anyone has additional questions they feel would be helpful, please respond to this email asap and please avoid duplication.

The timeline for concluding the Energy Committee Energy Audit/Vendor Selection Process will be:
  • Close of Business March 1st, all candidates will receive the questionnaire with a Request for Proposal
  • Questionnaire and Proposal responses are due back by March 8th
  • Energy Committee members will receive all information by March 9th
  • The next Energy Committee Meeting will be March 14th in the WVH Building Office
  • Discussion of the candidate responses and vote will be taken March 14th
  • The WVH Board of Directors will receive the material from the recommended candidate with their proposal March 15th
Thank you for your attention and help in this process.
WVH Energy Committee


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