The Votes are in….

Jeffrey Lydon      110,533
Jim Bozart        106,704
June Polichetti    105,030
Hoai Ngo    88,711
Rafael Kahalani    81,946
Ronen Nahom     78,974
Daniel Benedict     70,836
Katy Bordonaro    49,653
Larry Winslow    48,775
Robin Harvey     39,259
Matthew Horovitz      38,686
Joe Miller     37,063
Nick Hartman     30,786
Joe Nardelli    21,980
Shawna Menifee    9,939


4 thoughts on “The Votes are in….

  1. Congratulations to the new board, and to all the candidates who ran on the issues that have long mattered.

  2. It’s a new day at WVH. I know this group will work with everyone to bring our community back together! Congratulations! To all of us!!! I look forward to another great year. Let me know how I can help…

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