How to write for WVWD

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But if you want to write or author information then read below:

Simple steps to  post your own stories or information for the WestVillageWatchDog blog.

  1. Sign up for a wordpress account at
  2. Email that you signed up for a wordpress account. Please include your full name and home address.  (This is to prevent outside advertisers or spammers -this info will be kept private.)
  3. You’ll be sent an email invite from the WordPress/Watchdog . After you have an account and using the same email address as your wordpress account you can then be signed up as an author/contributor to the site.
  4. Once done, sign into wordpress, click on new post or pick a page (all pages still to be set up by the way-still figuring that out) and blog away!

That’s it!


6 thoughts on “How to write for WVWD

  1. I am so proud of all of us for recognizing the need to start on a new, hopefully clean slate this time around. I regret whatever led to Maureen’s loss of position on the Board, but from her comment understood that there was some deviousness under foot on the part of the investor. I want to express what is true of everyone I spoke to, that is we profoundly appreciate the role you played in helping to bring this about, and see you as “a class act”- a direct quote from many neighbors I’ve spoken to. I personally want to publicly thank you on this page.

    I agree with most of what my neighbors are saying, and the relief is palpable. Our own WVH spring!!!!

  2. Hey w.v.w.d, first off i want to start off by saying i am so happy that people at W.V.H decided to stand up to the evil manipulative heartless management of W.V.H! I have seen first hand how heartless management has been with residents and staff. I have seen residents get yelled at and shut down like animals by management. As far as staff is concerned that is also a sad story… has let go and forced a lot of good workers to retire and resign to benefit by hiring family and friends! Management and some top board members are intimidated by strong and out spoken residents and staff. I have seen good residents not making it on to the board of fear of leaking secrets. I have so much more to say, years of feelings and experiences of the crooked and sort of mafioso kind of management but will end this now before i say to much! Thank you so much W.V.W.D for starting this website. Wish you all the best keep up the good work and god bless!!!

    • Hello peter,
      Thanks for writing and thanks for reading…I encourage you as do many others to speak up and tell your story if you can. If you feel it is too risky or if you feel intimidated you can always write here:
      and your information will be protected. We are trying to make this place a safe harbor for people to express themselves and share their concerns..if you need help write us at the email and let us know..we are here to help if we can.

    • Hello P.G.,
      First we want to thank you for viewing the blog and participating. Secondly we want to say Thank YOU for speaking up and letting your voice be heard. This Blog is a blog for the community by the community and it is here to encourage others not to be afraid but to inform and hopefully help each other. Your letter and your support gives us the strength to continue..Thank you

  3. I love the idea of this website! It will be a great resource to keep us connected and informed of what’s going on around here…..apparently much more than we know!

    Besides the awful secrecy, what bothers me most is the total disrespect and disregard that Gail Davis in the office has for all of us — owners and renters alike. I hear she’s actually been using OUR money to frivolously sue and harrass our neighbors and friends in the complex. I have no idea why she’s allowed to trample on our rights like this.

    The irony is that now that we’ve bought, it’s like we’re “living in the projects” — where Gail used to work. We’ve NEVER been treated worse! Ever! It’s appalling!!!

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