New Concrete steps from Howard Zimmerman Arch.,LLC for buildings 148, 152, 156, 158 and 162 Bank Street.

Still to be stay tuned:

Replacement of concrete steps on West, Bank and 357 West 11th St.

Complex – wide fire escape and window lintel restoration

Installation of windows in only the large laundry rooms

Ongoing air conditioning sleeve replacement


One thought on “Construction

  1. The list above invites some basic questions, including:

    1) Were these items recommended by Rand Engineering? Another engineering firm? What ALL was recommended if only these were selected?

    2) What is the cost estimate for these items?

    3) Where are they in the budget? (Are they considered capital items? If so, are operating and capital items treated differently, or just lumped together?)

    4) What was the board vote on each item?

    5) Do any of these items qualify for the energy tax credit? (Windows or AC sleeves, maybe?)

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