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Winterizing your air conditioner sleeves-A. Quinn:

If you have old (original) air conditioner sleeves, there is a supply of outside covers which WVH has in storage and which you can access. (Last year’s estimate from management was that about 200 were available). I trust one may timely get them by calling management office. 212-255-2035.

If you have new Friedrich sleeves, the old covers won’t fit/work. You can order the following from Ann at
Johnstone Supply, 718-545-4896.  This is the distributor Friedrich recommends.

Outer panel – metal – $31.11 + tax and shipping.
Inner panel (which is for an empty sleeve (no AC unit in it): laminated cardboard – 10.00; metal $25.56 (+ tax and shipping)
Note:  The laminated cardboard outer panels are no longer available.

Both Ann and a gentleman with whom she works said that, as an aesthetic choice, they would go with cardboard inner (of course with metal outer) if one has an empty sleeve.

Instructions for installing new Friedrich outer panels:

Pull the air conditioner;
unscrew and pull the grate;
insert the insulating plate;
put the grate back in front of the plate and screw them both in.
place other insulating materials (see below paragraph) over any gaps.
replace the AC unit into sleeve

Frank, the super, and I checked two metal outer plates in two new sleeves and one old sleeve. There was a small gap at the bottom of each new sleeve, one slightly less than the other (which the rep at Friedrich said sounds impossible). Frank opined that the grates were different sizes. Perhaps it’s the way the buildings settle. Hard to figure out but mine is not to reason why so what I can offer is that placing insulating material in front of it (to the inside), which is available at Garbers, covering any gaps, and duct taping over all edges does the job nicely and significantly cuts down noise from outside.

These do not fit in the old sleeves – 1/4 in. too tall.

Additionally, one can add a quilted cover over the AC unit (inside the apt.)  which is also available at Garbers. Get the large size. The quilted covers alone, in my experience, aren’t enough.

If everyone gets together and places a bulk order, it would reduce postage but not cost per item; it would have to be a huge order – like thousands – to get a significant price break.

I hope this helps everyone. There’s some work involved but it’s worth it for the comfort and energy savings.



(Located on West St between Bank and Bethune)

“Watts” New:

  • I am happy to report the E-Comm email list is now 70 strong.
  • Agenda for April 13 in the works…
    • Sign-In Sheet System (Rob Boykoff, Robin Harvey, Recorders)
    • Subcommittee and Task Force Progress Reports:
      • Mission Statement (Nicholas)
      • Insulation (Richard, Len)
      • Energy-Star Windows (Aysha, Larry)
      • Analysis (Me, Marcia, Richard)
      • NOTE to SubComms and TF’s: Please coordinate within, and if possible, please prep a one-pager (25 ea) PRIOR to the meeting. To me Tues nite, if possible, for distribution.
      • If possible, I would like to have draft recommendations presented in time for the MAY meeting; finalized in time for the JUNE meeting.
    • Energy Usage — High Level Overview
      • (Per my presentation at the Committee-for-Change event Tues April 5)
    • Clarification:
      • “On-Demand” and Site Two Heat Pump discussion items from March 23.
      • New electron provider in lieu of ConEd Solutions.
    • Information Exchange Items Update, previously requested or promised items
    • Open Discussion / New Items
    • Setting the Next Meeting via Doodle. (Mon May 9 or Wed May 11 available per Katy/Gail.)
  • Per pre-misunderstanding agreement at the March 23 meeting, after running the Doodle poll, I did email Katy and Gail before settling on Wed April 13 due to clear poll results. Once I did so, and despite reasonable expectation that we wouldn’t all fit, I asked to use the office and was informed the office was “not available.” I have also been informed the office will not distribute a meeting notice for this next meeting. (I did not probe for whether the issue is inclusion of renters, meeting night, or meeting location.) Please RSVP on Doodle so I can coordinate which room with the Brecht people.

  • If you didn’t get the E-Comm Meeting Notes from the March 23 meeting, please let me know and I will be happy to FWD.
See you on the 13th. Please bring copies of your recent electric bills for Analysis Subcommittee.
Michael D. Markowitz, P.E.
Chair, WVH Energy Committee


Notes of Energy Commitee Meeting March 23-PDF Format

Scheduling the next energy committee:

WVH Energy Committee:Per the WVH Energy Committee meeting on Wed March 23, please indicate your availability for the next E-Comm meeting. Availability in this context means: If the meeting is scheduled that night… you currently would attend. And by “next,” I meant and continue to mean April. There was no misunderstanding raised on this matter when discussed at the beginning of the March 23 meeting. That there was apparently a misunderstanding voiced later does not tempt me to change my end of what we all agreed to: poll the full Energy Committee via Doodle (including those not present); and touch base later with Katy and Gail. Easy. Note that Tuesday April 5th is ok for the Garden Committee (thanks, Christine Gardner). Note further that in an email to me on Friday, Gail proposed Thursday April 7 as another option. I do not know whether that is ok for the Garden Committee, but as stated on the 23rd, I don’t see why the two need to be tied together. In that same email, Gail proposed Monday May 9 or Wednesday May 11, but I suggest we defer consideration of the May date until we next meet. (We have clearly outgrown the office location, but that matter was not mentioned in the email.) For purposes of taking the Committee’s “temperature,” I am including the full Mon-Fri weeks of April 4-7 and April 11-14 and April 18-21. My personal sense is that either April 5 or 7 is too soon to have accomplished meaningful off-line subcommittee and task force progress — and I trust that wasn’t the reason for the sudden rush — but I hope we can all rise to the occasion, given the circumstances.

Please participate by COB Tuesday March 29, so I can compare notes with Katy and Gail as per the March 23 meeting, and we can then set the date for the April meeting. Non-participation will not be interpreted as a vote for April 5; it’s simply non-participation and will be interpreted as no preference as to date. On another note, I am looking over the draft meeting notes this weekend. (Thanks to Rob Boykoff and Karen Jaroneski.) They’ll be out soon. I’ll be in touch with subcommittee and task force leaders, and we’ll make the next meeting as productive as possible — and hopefully in a bigger space. An Agenda will be out in advance via email. Folks, it’s March. We just survived killer electrical bills this winter. If energy rates were to go up another 10%, how do you feel about being 10% colder next winter, give or take, just to break even? (As if it’s linear.) Again, please RSVP by COB Tuesday.Comments, and volunteerism, always welcome. Sincerely,Michael D. Markowitz, P.E.Chair, WVH Energy Committee

March Letter:
Dear Friends and Neighbors, and fellow Energy-Users:

We have a $1.4M annual electric bill to attack in the face of rising energy rates that are outstripping our reduced usage. This is the single biggest non-fixed hit to our finances, and our wallets. What can we do about it, other than turn down the heat and bundle up?

Per the WVH Energy Committee meeting on Feb 15, and the consensus decision of those assembled after being nominated and seconded, I am honored to be designated as the new Chair of the Energy Committee. I look forward to being of service to the full WVH community.

I have already conveyed my thanks to Katy Bordonaro and Gail Davis; and to Mark Hallenbeck for his service as the previous Chair, and my hope that he will continue to contribute his experience and expertise. My thanks in advance to Rob Boykoff and Robin Harvey for agreeing to serve as Recorders. (And thanks to Bob Peterson for setting up this subsection of the Watchdog.)

On behalf of your Energy Committee, I invite your comments, ideas, suggestions, and moreover, your participation – especially if you haven’t yet felt the calling.

I promise to do all I can to ensure an open, inclusive, fact-based, democratic, and communicative, team effort — and a free-flowing exchange of information.

Over the next few meetings, we’ll explore energy usage and energy costs — and moreover, what we can do about each, both individually and collectively.

As to the next meeting… at the Feb 15 meeting, the next E-Comm meeting was scheduled for Wed, March 23, 7pm, at the Management Office. But as I noted on the 15th, I have a standing conflict on 4th Wednesdays, and have solicited the full committee’s input on whether the date could be switched or not. (Energy Committee members whose contact info I either already had or were provided by Gail have already received a similar note via email.)

If you are interested in attending, please click the link below to go to a “Doodle” meeting scheduler. No registration necessary. As of this writing we’re looking at one of the six nights: March 15-17, or 22-24. Location will either be at the management office or possible nearby off-site, depending on rsvp level and office/room availability.

Agenda and/or guest speaker ideas contributed so far include:
• Energy efficiency incentives from ConEd;
• Green roofs;
• What color the outdoor security lighting gels should be; and
• Potential mandatory replacement of window-style ACs with thru-the-wall units.

I have plenty of ideas of my own, but as Chair, I see my role more as one of inviting and organizing the discussion even more than one of shaping it, and trying to pass meaningful solutions both out to the community and up to the Board of Directors.

Please send me your suggestions for the next Agenda (and beyond), and any other thoughts or comments you might have concerning Energy at WVH.

Again, I look forward to being of service to the community, and to the Energy Committee.

Now let’s take a serious bite out of energy costs.

Michael D. Markowitz, P.E.
Chair, WVH Energy Committee

COMMENT from West Village WATCHDOG:

Thank you Michael for overseeing the Energy Committee. About a year ago we had listed a few energy companies and green alternative resources for NYC-perhaps a few of us could check out some the information and see if it would be of benefit to us.  CLICK HERE and you can find the list we had orginally posted in the comments. Or go to the home page and scroll down to the right hand column and under “Watchdog Archived Pages” click on ” Energy providers-Green Alt. for WVH.”


Past Articles:

WVH Energy Conservation Articles and Comments 2010-2011-click here

ELEMCO 2010-2011 Click Here

Submeter Articles and PDF Downloads 2010-2011

Energy Committee Information 2010 and Submeter Power Point presentation in PDF format from the Feb 2010 general meeting.


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