Energy Conservation

Starting a list of ways we have each tried to reduce our electrical useage.

  • After showering in the morning turn off the hot water heater then only turn it on before you go to bed or an hour before usage-my bill went down almost 50%
  • Katy said a simple fix for decreasing drafts is small pieces of plastic which are placed along the windows.(ref. House Committee Meeting)

Anyone else?…


2 thoughts on “Energy Conservation

  1. Winterizing your air conditioners:

    If you have old air conditioner sleeves, there are about 200 outside covers which WVH has in storage and which you can access. (this was an early estimate from management to the Energy Committee). I trust one may quickly get them by calling management office.

    If you have new Friedrich sleeves, the old covers won’t fit/work. You can order metal panels (about 39.00 ea plus tax and shipping) or laminated cardboard inserts for $17.01 plus tax and shipping, total $48.22 for two. Call Johnstone Supply 718-545-4896.

    Instr for new Friedrich panels.: Pull the air conditioner; unscrew and pull the grate; insert the insulating plate; put the grate back in front of it and screw them both in. Frank, the super, and I checked two metal ones in two new sleeves and one old sleeve. There was a small gap at the bottom of each new sleeve, one slightly less than the other (which the rep at Friedrich said sounds impossible). Frank opined that the grates were different sizes. Hard to figure out but mine is not to reason why so what I can offer is that placing insulating material in front of it (to the inside), which is available at Garbers, stuffing some in the gaps and duct taping over all edges does the job nicel and significantly cuts down noise from outside. These do not fit in the old sleeves – 1/4 in. too tall.

    Additionally, one can add a quilted cover for the inside which is available at Garbers. Get the large size. The quilted covers alone, in my experience, aren’t enough.

    It may seem late in the year but worth considering if you’re freezing. The new Friedrich panels could take a while if not in stock. As mentioned above, the covers for old sleeves are readily available.

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