Energy Providers and Green Alt.for WVH

Hello WVH, So according to Con Ed here is a list so far of the companies for Manhattan listed under the Power Your Way program to power and deliver electricity or meet the residential electrical needs. Go here for the complete listing:

Also for more information on energy here in NY try :

They have Energy fairs in the Spring and fall of each year.

Please help contacting these companies to see what prices they could be offering us here at WVH. Links below:
Affordable Power

Accent Energy, Inc.

Agway Energy Services

Ambit Energy

BlueRock Energy Inc.

Brown’s Fuel Service, LLC

Clearview Energy

Columbia Utilities

Con Edison Solutions

Direct Energy


Energy Plus

Gateway Energy Services

Green Mountain Energy Company

Hudson Energy Services

IDT Energy

Just Energy

Liberty Power

Mpower Energy LLC


New York Gas & Electric

Oasis Energy

Public Power and Utility Inc.

Spark Energy, L.P.


 There was an eco-energy fair this last fall in central park.A few presenters had some amazing solutions for the home. It might be good to ask to see if reps from the following could attend or share some information:
Con ed and ConedSolutions
The Public Service Comission,
and find out more from
HEFPA-Home Energy Fair Practices Act

also at
and finally GreenHome NYC



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