Cable vs. Floss; More WVH Rope-A-Dope by M.Markowitz

I’ve been reluctant to weigh in because so many of you have it covered, and it’s
not as high on my personal radar as a number of other higher stakes though less
immediately annoying topics, e.g.:

        * Barrow Street Insider Apartment Sale;

        * Insulation, or the lack thereof before the tax break expires December 31;

        * Roofapalooza (12 roofs suddenly need replacing !?!) ; and
    Are your sitting down?…

        * Katy’s confirmation at the recent open pre-board meeting of the office’s
ability to monitor and track our interior apartment temperatures via the
submeters.  And no, I am not making that up, as some 20-odd witnesses can

So… I shmoozed up one of the installers one day, and asked why-oh-why the big
box was mounted outside the 146 Bank laundry room in such a way as to interfere
with the entrance to the children’s garden, at chest height.  Long story short,
he said it’s hard to just up and move these boxes later due to fiber optics
cables needing to be pre-cut to certain lengths, but he’d see what he could do. 
Sigh.  It’s now high up on the wall, where it looks a bit, well, ridonkulous, as
they say on ESPN.  And it’s still cock-eyed when viewed from the side.  And last
I looked, the original mounting studs were still sticking out of the wall. 

To the point:  I asked him why-oh-why if Verizon had telephone junction panels
in the interior porters’ rooms and bike rooms, they couldn’t also place the FIOS
boxes there as well, he told me that indeed they had asked that of WVH
management and been told “no.”  He told me Verizon would have preferred to be
out of the weather, but that concerns over off-hours access had been raised. 
This struck me as odd, given the phone panels are in such rooms, less of an
eyesore, key issues aside.

If the board REALLY wanted to open up the competition, I’d ask that it
reconsider the ban on satellite dishes.  I don’t want to see them on the walls,
but it’s conceivable to mount them on the roof.  And it’s getting harder to make
any sort of aesthetic argument, eh?

P.S. I suggest we need to move such strings over to the West Village Watchdog:  — a terrific tool we have yet to
capitalize on.  We need to memorialize and archive these dialogues, invite more
people to join them, and come up with ever more such strings and all topics of

Michael D. Markowitz, P.E.
142 Bank GB


One thought on “FIOS

  1. I am moving to WV next and am really excited about it, but I freaked out when I realized that our building cannot get FIOS yet.
    What a massive letdown coming from Harlem where I had 50Mbps/25Mbps. Even more disappointing are the possible reasons why. I can’t believe that buildings are not letting Verizon in.
    I guess I will have to beg our building management once I move in.

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