House Committee

 The next House Committee Meeting March, 21, 2011 at 6pm. Please come.


House Committee March minutes from 2010:

So here is the page for updates on whats going on with the Housing Committee. Here is the link to a pdf  March_Minutes copy of the House Committe  March 2010 minutes. Enjoy!

Also you can link here to download the Housing Committee Minutes as a PDF:


One thought on “House Committee

  1. I heard that you guys don’t like your current security officers saying repeatedly( i don’t see security),i have asked the guards there procedures this is what i know.There is no security between 8am-4pm,at 4pm there is just only 1 guard by himself for 1 hour he has to walk every were between Morton st to bank street making sure everything is OK,then at 5pm another guard comes,then they split up one on the other side,each guard by them selves until 10pm were 2 more guards finally come in,from 10pm to 2am they work in pairs 2 on one side 2 on another.Here is were it gets stupid i over heard one of them say there company park ave security wants them not to work in pairs to be alone the hole 10 hours there working. that’s the stupidest thing i have ever heard working alone!! in this area with all the trannys,prostitutes,and drug dealers.i found out why u don’t see the security when they do there rounds/patrols they have to touch this little dime sized metal buttons they are every were these little things there is about 50 to 60 of them in all of the property and 90%of them are in the rear garden areas on site 1 and 2 there in every garden door.each hour they do there rounds that’s why we don’t see them 90% of the time there in the garden area.every time i need a security officer and i cant find one i just look in the garden area and bam there their.So don’t blame them talk to them they will tell u the same its the company not the guards there just doing there job.If we should get a another company we should keep these guys and transfer them to a new company were they no what they are doing or ask the guards whats best and make there company change it the way the guards see fit..

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