Information4YouWVH Committee

Here is a link to print out the invitation to give to your neighbors or post on bulletinboards:  Information4U WVH Meet the Candidates Invite (PDF)

“4 For Responsible Change” – What We Stand For

Affordability •Financial Responsibility • Openness

We are your neighbors, we are your friends, we are your business partners in the most important investment of our lives. Our purpose is to ensure that affordable middle income housing will remain affordable – this is where we came from, this is what was promised, this is what we will again fight for.

A comprehensive explanation of our plans will be delivered to your home.

End Energy Deprivation with a New Era of Conservation and Efficiency 

  1. Get an energy audit from an unbiased, reputable firm.
  2. Upon analysis of the results of this study, formulate a responsible plan.
  3. Conservation and efficient use of our natural recourses and money.
  4. Make certain the sub-metering formula is accurate and revenue-neutral.

Fiscal Responsibility and Financial Planning 

  1. Develop, with shareholder involvement, a long-term capital plan to deal with and prepare for the impending balloon payment on the $40M interest-only mortgage
  2. Begin immediate negotiations with the city to explore solutions to the fast approaching expiration of our real estate tax abatement of roughly $2M per year.
  3. Include every item in the next budget in an understandable format so we all know what our money is being spent on; find any excesses and correct them.
  4.  Set a standard that requires defining and disclosing those items reflecting significant investment decisions, e.g., roof replacements and new front doors.
  5. Re-examine our real estate resources to gain optimal financial benefit for resident shareholders.

Transparent Governance: End Closed-Door Decisions about Our Future

  1. Open board meetings to all resident shareholders.  We deserve to know how decisions are reached, what due diligence preceded them, and who voted for what.
  2. Matters between individual share holders and the board that require privacy will be handled in private unless the individual share holder expresses a desire to be heard in front of all the share holders.
  3. Establish a new tradition of voluntary term limits.

Our values and our ideas are democratic, inclusive, American ideas.  Our invitation is to all.

Let us join together to avert disaster using purposeful action and responsible planning  that benefit all of the resident shareholders and preserve affordable housing in West Village Houses.  On this road we will bring our community together once again.


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