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RISE TO THE FUTURE A development reflection by Joe Nardelli

A development reflection by Joe Nardelli
November 11, 2011
Hello fellow residents of the WVH. I hope you will accept this late response to the
“Interim” First Open Informational Meeting held by the new Executive Board in
September. I found it to be lively, pointed and a stride into a hopeful future for WVH
residents in terms of representation of our shared interests and equities. Politics as
usual were set aside (almost). That was refreshing. And in case you didn’t hear I
would like to share a point I made that evening.
I spoke briefly on the topic of our future, specifically regarding all of the repairs that
are projected, happening now, or soon to be taken on by management. As I sat there
I calculated in my mind the costs of all of the projects Continue reading

Transition Meeting Proposed-Joe N.

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if a transition meeting has yet been scheduled with Douglas Elliman and Gail Davis? I understand Gail Davis has generously volunteered her time to bring the new “manager-to-be” up to speed and I was wondering if anyone from the Energy Committee will be attending? I was also wondering if anyone from the Board will be attending the transitional meetings Are these meetings open? Are they being coordinated by Douglas Elliman or the Board? Is Douglas Elliman the only source for managers recommendations for our complex? Big questions, I know. But I was curious… Can I attend the meetings as a shareholder? Or are any other shareholders interested in attending? I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to learn the inner-working of WVH from the ground up. I’ll be happy to take notes and share with our entire community. Anyone else think so? Thank you Gail for all the years of hard work you put into WVH!!! Joe Nardelli


(Please read my follow-up post, explaining certain references)

When I read that our maintenance would be raised 1% I didn’t think much about it. 1% seemed very little but then neighbors and I discussed it. Any increase in addition to sub-metering without insulation – going into another year w/o necessary repairs being made is disheartening. (although I happily report that the new board allowed desperately needed repairs to the 6 skylights this winter).  It was a huge breakthrough after the years of stonewalling.

Then I looked at the budget. OMG. I believe we could cut that budget, LOWER our Continue reading