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  1. I have a special interest in Inheritance rights now that my husband has predeceased me. I want to leave it to a friend, if living, who could not afford to live in NY otherwise. or if she is not living, to my sister-in-law. Both are in their eighties and if their husbands are no longer living, will have a hard time supporting themselves. After the battle over my husband’s right to live here, I don’t know what to expect. I am seeing a lawyer about this. The Black Book was never clear. Has anything been clarified? Katy would only say I could leave it to whomever I wanted, but that did not mean they would be approved to live there. If not, could the apt lie vacant (if I am not here) til the 12 years are up, to be sold at market price? Is it more likely they would approve a relative than a friend.?? I have never had a clear answer!!! -Copied from Annoucements Section on behalf of Doris Woolfe

  2. Like many who have contributed to this blog I am disturbed by the abuses of the current board leadership.

    We the resident shareholders purchased our apartments in good faith that the ideal that WVH would continue to be a model and beacon for middle income people in the West Village. That good faith has been betrayed and scoffed at again and again by the decisions the leadership has forced upon us.

    Reasonable people have put forth reasonable ideas and no action has been taken time after time.

    There will be another election in a few months. The only way we can expect anything to change is if we the people are able to elect 4 members to the board that put the people first. We must work diligently to make certain the election is fair and we take back our future.

    I believe we can really and truly SAVE OUR HOMES. We can do this by putting our individual disagreements aside and elect 4 people who believe that WVH is for the resident shareholders.

    We can move forward towards a responsible future. We can take care of our money in a forward thinking way that benefits us all. We can take a direction that stops the abusive and dismissive nature of the leadership of the board of directors.

    Let us work together to bring meaningful change to West Village Houses.

  3. To the board…it’s been freezing. Are we going to spend our money on upgraded insulation for the roofs and between the floors and cielings or not? If so when? And if so will we be doing ALL of the buildings or just a choice few? If so WHY not do all of them at the same time? Rumor has it that the money in the account is being hoarded to be able to purchase the apts. when the tenants can no longer afford to keep up with the energy costs or are tired of freezing. In a situation like this in on the east side the renters won a lawsuit, setting precedence against the owners and were able to discontinue submetering until the building was properly insulated…So what are our actual plans and what is the actual timetable ..if any?

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  5. I was hoping I could get some suggestions/guidance from coop board. I have been living at WVH for 31 years and have been trying to purchase my apartment. BRG Management has been trying to prevent me from buying for no reason and has actually ignored all my attempts so that I have just hired a lawyer. They are now trying to get rid of me and trying to buy me out. I do not want to be bought out–I want to live in my home. Please I ASK FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS OR INFO I CAN PASS ON TO MY LAWYER. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

    • Hey Tayga,
      Your news comes as quite a surprise to say the least, although the lawsuits seem to be growing here at WVH like weeds.. Has BRG been able to give you any real reasons that you can express on here (so long as it doesn’t bring any damage to your case)?

      • Thank you for your response.They have no reason at all to do this. I am going to call you jessica to get your input. Is there anyone else out there I can call for input. I would greatly appreciate it.Thank you

      • Dear WVWD – Your responses are not exactly accurate. Per the Prospectus (The Black Book) renters have only 10 years after conversion in which to purchase, not 12. However, the contractual rent stabilization will continue for renters for the full 12 year period after the date of conversion. Also, I believe you may have jumped to conclusions about a lawsuit. Tayga states that she has a lawyer, and that BRG’s current behavior toward her may be harassment. However, she does not mention any legal transaction other than her desire to purchase. After the conversion completed, purchase procedures and closing costs changed somewhat. I personally believe it is wise to have a lawyer to be properly represented throughout the process.

      • hey Jessica,
        Thanks for providing the correct information, apoligies to you, Tayga and our readers if we have relayed any misinformation regarding this situation. Here to help.

    • Dear Tayga,

      The WVH Renters’ Union has helped renters who have experienced harassment from BRG. In addition, we know of other former renters who have successfully purchased since the conversion and what their attorneys were able to do for them. Their experiences will be relevant for you. Current co-op Board members did not purchase their shares from BRG, and may not have the information you need. Please feel free to contact me and other WVH Renters’ Union board members at, or call me at my home number: 212.807.7642.

      ~Jessica Tomb

      • Dear Jessica and Tayga,
        Thanks we’ll also try to help you get to the bottom of this as we were/are all allowed and should continue to be allowed to purchase our apartments within this 12 year period without having to hire lawyers to do so. One could suspect BRG would drag the case on so as to have you pay more for the same space next year under the black book agreement. We will try to help

  6. Dear Board,
    With almost 20 million in the bank why aren’t we spending “our” money on new windows and insulation for the roofs and soundproofing/insulation in between everyones floors and cielings? Instead of making it just “pretty” to live here (i.e.plans for redesigned lobbies) can we simply make it “liveable” first?

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