WVH Submetering-Ways to check your meter

So many of the tenants this past weekend received their first “shadow billing statement”. The bills for some of the tenants were as low as $200/month to the highest we have heard so far–over $600!!! So how do we read our meters?  Well we are in luck!!  INTEC, The manufactures of the 2104 submeter installed in each apartment provides each and every customer at West Village Housing a solution. They provide a FREE web enabled service which will allow you to view your home electrical usage via the internet. It’s called the “Energy Management System. The user, as explained in the Intec manual could be the property manager with access to the entire system or individual tenants with limited access to the tenants apartment only. This way if you feel there is any discrepancy in your submeter billing with the third party biller you can print out an actual statement about your usage. The whole system has to be set up and provided by the management at “West Village Housing” and best of all this service comes free of charge from Intec. If you would like to view the Intec manual for yourself we will post it here for you to download. Refer to page 2 concering the “web-enabled monitoring”. Later we will also we will provide a link to the NYSERDA manual for anyone who has questions about submetering  and the procedures of any discrepancies that could arise concerning your submeter.

Click here for the INTEC MANUAL pdf format: Intec Submeter (pm2104) Manual

Still though can someone explain though why we need to spend our maintenence on a third party billing company?



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