“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Being the west village there are some in our community who are better at expressing themselves through pictures than the written word. So for those artists we present the “Toon” Page. If you wish to submit a toon, feel free to send your artwork to

new toon A. Bart 12/2011

Previously from Arthur B. 2/24/2011


5 thoughts on “Toons

  1. Please remove the PM-2104.pdf file it’s propriatory file should not be on the WEB.
    Victor Zelmanovich. Intech 21, Inc.

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  3. My oh my, that cartoon is “ouchy’ but apt. That’s what good political cartoons do: They they show us what a thousand words can’t.

  4. Ouch.
    Not the cartoon — that the House Committee’s suggestion pile is bigger than the Energy Committee’s. 😉

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