WVH Electrical Committee

The next Energy-Committee Meeting is Feb.15 2011 at 7pm

For all of those who couldn’t make the meeting , attached is a copy of the “electrical committees” Feb 2010 presentation.


1. What is the bulk rate the co-op is receiving from Con-Ed?

2. Fact INTEC provides  free of charge each tenants complete usage online.  In the presentation it reads” As of January8, the submeters have begun wirelessly send each apartments electricity usage information to ELEMCO.” Thats not true.  According to the ELEMCO representative,  ELEMCO doesn’t read the meters directly but must purchase the information from INTEC. For how much? ELEMCO wouldn’t say.  The representative from ELEMCO claims he has to pay INTEC for the exact same numbers that each of the tenants CAN receive for free from INTEC. When asked at the meeting about the free program from INTEC, the ELEMCO representative said he was “unaware” that INTEC provided this information free to the tenants. It is curious that ELEMCO would do business with INTEC and be so unaware of the INTEC program found in the INTEC submeter installation manual (page 2, paragraph 2). So why isn’t each tenant provided the opportunity to sign up with INTEC’s free program directly?  To be able to receive  the actual INTEC numbers via the web, would it not benefit the WVH tenants to be able to keep a record of their own  numbers with those numbers from ELEMCO?  Let alone have data in hand themselves to help look for discrepancies should the meter not be working properly? 

3. If the WVH tenants  receive the numbers directly by signing up with INTEC’s free program, then why is WVH board deciding to spend money for a third-party biller instead of each tenant being directly billed through Con ED or other energy providers?

4. Is ELEMCO passing on the cost of doing business with INTEC to the tenants of WVH for information the tenants can get for free as part of a service for purchasing their submeters from INTEC?

CLICK HERE:Submeter presentation Feb 2010 in pdf format


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